Monday, September 29, 2008

I had a blast!!!!

I did so much scrapping at Scrap Pink Crop at CMK. Totally fun! I played along with some of the challenges. Totally inspiring. I finished 2 LOs, 1 mini and 1 project. Here are the finished works: Challenge: to scrap with journaling spots, random facts about you. Oh.. I love this... i played with pp, paints... fun stuff. Challenge: Scrap about a skill, hobby or talent which not many people knew about. First, i asked hubby..."Can you name me 3 skills or talents I have which not many know about?" Hubby: I know... I know (cheeky grin)...... you can spend money REALLY well. Me: Next..... (head boiling) Hubby: I know... you can scream REALLY loud. Me: note to self....... never ask the smart hubby. Tonight I am putting an apple on his head and shot some arrows his way!!! (LOL) This is what I came up with..........."I remember"..... scrap about my ability to remember facts, details and names. I traced a pc of die cut pp onto this cute Dream Street Paper.... rub red paint along the edges and I get my own special paper. I added all Dream Street Papers except for the red piece. Challenge: Do up photo cube.. this project is awesome. I used Dream Street Papers Die Cuts for this project. Perfect size.. with holes punched already. I just backed it with chipboard so it can stand on its own. Challenge: Scrap 6 "I" statements about yourself. I love this cos I scrap about myself. Details at this post & this post. Woo.. hoo.. I had a great time completing these within 1 day. I like the rush.. the push.. the excitement as i finished them Time to rest!!!

Mini Album - I live (Cover)

Oh yes... this is the cover. Dont know why I cant load more than 5 pic in each post. This cover is actually lace cardstock (Ki Memories) over chipboard. I painted everything black and added crackle black paint. This gives it a 'embossed' look. This idea came from Ali Edwards.

Finally page: I read (photo of my bible)

Scroll down to the next post for the rest of the pages.

mini album - I live

This mini is inspired by the Scrap Pink Challenge over at CMK. This is Juliana's challenge... we have to scrap 6 "I' statements..... with 6 photos. I did a mini with this concept. I have not completed the full journaling yet... will be filling in more. I took the photos today for this challenge. I love them! The inside pages are actually fabric...... I wrapped thick CS with fabric and put a photo on each page. I used black and red fabric. This is so fun! Each of the pages are 4x6 tags from Teresa Collins. Very easy to use.... these are perfect for journaling.

I walk: (photo of my feet with my fav birkenstock)

I capture: (me with my bigger camera) I surf: (my new laptop) I connect: (oh.. my mobile phone) I play: (my messy scrap area)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Design X

I came across this website with really cool challenges, Design Experiment.
The DT work are awesome!
I decide to try and play this time.
Indulgence... well, I have lots of them. Surely I can scrap something... and this topic has been in my little black book... i have been wanting to do a page on this. What a perfect opportunity!
Concept: I took photos of my bags (indulgence) and decide to do a 8.5x11 page. Added paint so I could do some journal....... but I choose a pretty Chatterbox green flocked as the matting.. I love this paper. I want some green because Kate Spade corporate colour is green. I had the polka dot brown background because the lining of most KS bags are polka dots. Totally fun!
The funny story: Choosing of the fabric brad at the top left corner.
It was hilarious.
I went thru all my 4 pkts of brads and one by one.. see which one fits.
Then I didn't like it... I felt like Mr. Bean .. the epsiode where he was choosing which shirt to pack for his beach vacation. He could not decide.. ......... so he started numbering each shirt... chose a number ......... but he still does not like it. LOL....
I was like him.. I went thru all the brads, placing them on the LO... in the end.. guess what..
i choose the 1st one I pick up. Note to self: Trust your first choice.... dont waste time!
Journaling: My darling husband really indulge in me. Once a year, he'll buy me a Kate Spade bag, though he does not believe in spending a few hundreds on a silly bag. He calls me Ms Octopus.... I must have many arms to carry so many bags. The indulgence for myself is to allow him to indulge in me. Top up my emotional bank account. It expires every year on 1st Feb (my birthday)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playing with Paints

I did this LO with lots of paints. I use my kids' toys to stamp the circles.... look here. I had a ice-cone as the small circle I had a glue-dot rim as the bigger circle. So fun right? And then it looked like this after stamping. I cut circles from pattern papers and layer some on top of the stamped circle. For this LO, the visual interest is at the right side... I mix the title with strips of journaling. I just got this idea and cut some purple pattern paper to alternate with the letters of the title. Cool, right??? Title: Purposely. Journaling reads: You define this word aptly. When I tell you not to touch the glass bowl, you will do it purposely. WhenI tell you not to throw the phone, you will do it purposely. When I tell you not to put things into your mouth, you will do it purposely. Today i want to take snapshots of myself, you sneak in and plonk your face in front of the camera. Now that's cute!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Oh.. I love this challenge at Scrapjacked. Here is my version... oh.. I had to scrap about my cravings for pasta and mushroom. A lethal combination for my diet... my comfort food. My source of 'perky-ness". And this is my first time scrapping in a different size (8.5 x 11)... I am a little apprehensive initially but now, i totally love it! Journaling reads: When I need some comfort quick, comfort food, I fried some garlic and mushrooms, add some herbs, a dash of salt and pepper, finished off with a spoon of white wine. Toss it with cooked pasta. You get this warm gush down your throat. It never fails to perk me up. Delicious-ness redefined. Goodness in the simplest state! yums!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mini Album - Style

Oh.. I finally did this up. I love the red, black and white combi. I love that I am scrapping about the things I love... the shoes, the bags and the little black dress. The things which sum up my style. I did a simple design foundation for each section and as I go along, (when I have new shoes/bags/dresses)... i can add in... I can just stick to the colour scheme and there I have it! I am really happy with how this project turned out. Using my favorite MM 5th Ave papers, Creative Imaginations Karen Russell papers... oh.. SEI papers too! I love the combination. I added bling along the way... dont you think this is very NEW YORK! On a side note, I think I may be 'digging my own grave' by scrapping these. Cos my beloved husband knows that I have too many shoes, bags and clothes. But to scrap these, and have them as evidence is way too dangerous! I think.... not wise.. I better hide this album... LOL! And hide my Kate Spade bags too!
Sorry, as of 1st Nov, this min album is OUT FOR PUB:

Friday, September 19, 2008


Over at OLW, the word up is LOVE. I did several LOs this week which had lots of layering and stuff... but for this challenge... i want to focus on the words (but of course).......... so i 'slope' the journaling at 1 side and a group of focus embellishments on the other. Titled"Love me not".... you noticed part of the photos hold the title.... Journaling: Sometimes I wonder how so many of these around me could love me. I do have my PMS or 'love me not' moments. I don't think I am nice or good enough to be loved. I do have my hot temper times. I do have my critical or sarcastic days. I do have my fussy, picky days.
Nanny, what will you thinking when you pick me up? What made you love me when I was such a difficult baby - crying non-stop?
When the 9 other nannies before you fled, you stayed and loved me.
Mom, what made you love me? Tolerating my nonsense, my rebellion, my sharp words, my wilful attitude?
Sis, what made you love me? I am fierce beyond any comparison. So strict with you. So stern towards you. You've seen the worst of me. Yet you love me.
Chee Khan, what made you love me so much, so deep even after more than a decade of marriage? You have seen my 'not-submissive' side. You have tasted my spiteful words, my prideful attitude, my 'not-so-wise' spending habits. You have seen my selfish ways, my mercy-less times. You tolerated my horrible driving. Yet you love me so much, beyond what I can give you.
Thank you, all of you for loving me. Because of you, I know what LOVE is. Love is tolerance, long-suffering, grace, selfless giving, unconditional. I love you .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

creative mode

Ya.. i have not been blogging......... why? Because I found some random creativity floating in me again...... dying to create again. I want to create: - because I want to play - because I want to try new things - because I have a million and 1 ideas flowing (yes... I just got up and have a revelation of 5 mini albums which I soooooo want to do) - because I want to capture all these stories (the core reason why I scrap in the first place) Now it's finding time to create them. But before these creativity atoms float away, I jot all of them down in my scrap journal..... and sketch a few designs too. Woohoo!!!! Come back this friday and I will load up some LO and projects. Yes.. i am multi-tasking.... I do several LOs and projects at the same time.... all not completed... all needing that 'final, finishing' .... Viola... touch!!!! I am excited to share.......... cos it's been a while where I am scrapping for myself........ hee..hee.. you know what I mean. Not another challenge, not another DT work though I enjoy them... LOL!

Monday, September 15, 2008

RAK Winner

My girls picked a random number.... it is 10. Deb: "Congrats on all of the wonderful news, Wendy! Your blog looks fabulous, and I'll be visiting quite often! Deb, please send me a email at so i can send you the RAK. Congrats... thanks for visiting my blog. (hugs)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

DT work for Creative Scrappers

hi there, hop over to Creative Scrappers for this week's sketch. It is awesome. Remember to check out the work of the DT team as well. These girls are talented. Here is my take: "Chased by paparazzi" I rotate the sketch, have a large photo instead of having 5 small ones. I also dry brush the brown cardstock... actually the real reason is to hide some liquid glue stains. LOL. Journaling reads: You little miss Diva Kwok is at the stage loving the camera. Whenever you see paparazzi mommy taking out the camera, you go into your diva poses, take out your J-O sunglasses.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Celebrate with me

I want to celebrate with a RAK... a random little something of my stash.... embellishments, ribbons, a stamp...etc.. So much to celebrate:
  • one of my LO was picked up for publication by a Memory Maker book (hooray... my first)
  • I begin my DT spot at Creative Scrappers this month
  • I won a online class at NYCscraps with Sherry Steveson
  • I won a kit from Lotus Paperie with my LO (Aug announcement)
  • I finally took up the courage to set up this blog for my ART.

So, leave a comment here by Friday and I will announce the winner on Monday (15 September).

That's easy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I had to do this jack over at Scrapjacked. Christina Clouse used paints.... a grid design.. all the elements that i love! I just had to play! Here is my version titled "I work, I enjoy, i live"... this LO talks about the 'work' i do... as a SAHM, as a lay pastor, as a scrapper..... how I enjoy each part of it... how it made up my life. I 'jacked' the background painting... but added in word stamps. I 'jacked' the grid design..... but I did some sort of a grid, spreading the grid only to the photo corner... so the focal point is still the photo. I 'jacked' the 4 lines ... but I used a ruler, rub some distress ink and use it as a line stamp. Journaling hidden in some of the squares:

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Story Matters

I did this for The Story Matters challenge. I like this site cos it focus on telling my stories. Love it. Check this site out. Anyway, this week challenge is to scrap about our family tree. I did mine with focus on my grandpa's bad genes... his generational addiction to gambling. A true story of how 1 man life impacts his children. The title is a line from the Bible" A good tree bears good fruits while a bad tree bears bad fruits" I cut a tree from a Hambly and I painted brown onto corrugated board to make it look like mud... grunge it up with distress ink....

Busy Busy with wedding

Yes... I have been so busy lately with my sister wedding.
I did up a wedding guest book for her... (total 260 spots for guests to sign)
I did up 2 'Ang-pao" boxes.... if you are a Chinese you will know what this is for. Basically for wedding, instead of giving a gift, we give cash...put inside a special red envelope called "Ang-pao'... for the wedding couple to buy themselves something they like or to offset the cost of the wedding.
Anyway, i think my mom will faint if she sees that these boxes are white.... gosh.. red is the auspicious colour for Chinese............ but well... my sis and I like the white on white effect... very subtle, very romantic, very pure.....
I used Bazzill butterfly emboss cardstock and mod-podge to a box. Cut out some Ki LaceCS flowers and put stickles.
I like the butterflies best.. the blue ones are rub-ones from Creative Imaginations... I added gliiter on them. The white butterflies are my Fontwerks Butterfly stamps... I stamp them onto transparency... oh.. I love the effect.
Here is the guest book: