Friday, September 19, 2008


Over at OLW, the word up is LOVE. I did several LOs this week which had lots of layering and stuff... but for this challenge... i want to focus on the words (but of course).......... so i 'slope' the journaling at 1 side and a group of focus embellishments on the other. Titled"Love me not".... you noticed part of the photos hold the title.... Journaling: Sometimes I wonder how so many of these around me could love me. I do have my PMS or 'love me not' moments. I don't think I am nice or good enough to be loved. I do have my hot temper times. I do have my critical or sarcastic days. I do have my fussy, picky days.
Nanny, what will you thinking when you pick me up? What made you love me when I was such a difficult baby - crying non-stop?
When the 9 other nannies before you fled, you stayed and loved me.
Mom, what made you love me? Tolerating my nonsense, my rebellion, my sharp words, my wilful attitude?
Sis, what made you love me? I am fierce beyond any comparison. So strict with you. So stern towards you. You've seen the worst of me. Yet you love me.
Chee Khan, what made you love me so much, so deep even after more than a decade of marriage? You have seen my 'not-submissive' side. You have tasted my spiteful words, my prideful attitude, my 'not-so-wise' spending habits. You have seen my selfish ways, my mercy-less times. You tolerated my horrible driving. Yet you love me so much, beyond what I can give you.
Thank you, all of you for loving me. Because of you, I know what LOVE is. Love is tolerance, long-suffering, grace, selfless giving, unconditional. I love you .


jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love every bit of this. I like how you balanced it out as well.
Allowing yourself to be loved is sooo hard when you dont feel worthy of it.. but believe me.. you so are! Awesome soul searching there! :)

Pearl said...

wonderful journaling Wendy ! love how you wrote the text !

~ RebekahBoo said...

Wendy, I love your heart-felt journaling and the LO is gorgeous!!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous layout, love the journaling!

Unknown said...

this LO is amazing!!! Love how you wrote the journaling!

guardianofmemories said...

I love the candid, rich journaling of this lo. Love your style.