Sunday, June 26, 2011

I lug home BKK

I am so sorry for leaving this blog for 3 weeks because I am happily having my vacation in Bangkok. My hubby prob has to cart me off from the mall and flea markets.
See what I manage to cart back to singapore.
Seriously I love the outdoor market better than the mall.
My new love:
and these scrapping goodies.... trust me... the lady selling these flowers was smiling at me the whole time cos i was putting packs and packs of flowers in my basket. I was not wanting to stop.
But a voice keep ringing at my voice: Mrs Kwok... how are you going to bring them home?
My clever answer: Buy a new luggage or suitcase~!~~
(that voice was aka the hubby)
ok, i will be back soon with some scrapping projects.
Hope your summer holidays was fun! If you WANT to share and buy some of thes flowers from me, just email me or look at my SALE page. I will loading some for sale.
Only for Scrappers residing in Singapore so postage wont cost a lot.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

cards love

Some days I feel like doing small projects and today it is about cards. Leave you with some shabby handmade cards.
A simple technique: Use your leftover threads from your sewing projects. Use your fingers to bunch them up and stick them down. Stamp a bird image (Crafty Secrets Stamps).... and layer it over the bunch of threads. You get a lovely bird nest! Simple way to add textures! Hope you try it!
A shaped card! I love circular shape....... here's one!
Ok... vacation time next week and I need to go back to packing. It is an amazing feat to pack for 2 adults and 2 kids with exponential combination of needs and wants. The scrapper mommy needs clothes to coordinate so it will look good on photos. The daddy needs order...... practical things first. The 2 kiddos wants their stuff toy, their coloring and books. I told them... "hey kids, you all can go on holiday, I dont mind staying behind"....... LOL Wish me the bestest if I can pack all things into the suitcase! And then while I am on the plane, I will be wondering if I switch off the lights or even the stove. haha..... am I the only one???