Friday, August 29, 2008

I won I won

Today I check Lotus Paperie and I was totally floating when I saw the news..... .... I was so late in checking........... I had to scroll down and saw that I was the winner for the July Challenge!!!!! This remains one of my fav LO: I will be still......... (a great reminder to myself)

Friday, August 22, 2008

OLW challenge - FAITH

I love what these girls at OLW are doing.
I love the whole 'word' thing.
It sets me thinking
It gives me inspiration
It drives me to think deeper, feel more.
For this challenge (FAITH), i thought about it for days.
I decided on a mini album which journey my faith.
Thus titled "Journey of Faith"
I want to celebrate the people who pointed me to my faith (Christianity)
I want to celebrate the people who had faith in me
I want to celebrate the times of faith testing
I also want to be real about times when I had no faith
This album is ME!!!! As real as it can be......
And the good thing is this album is never finished... I am going to keep adding cos my journey is not ended yet.... PRAISE THE LORD!
And faith is growing, moving.... so i will keep adding pages as I go along...
(This is what I like about mini albums)
Read the last few posts for details of each page.

OLW - Faith Album (page 1)

"She walked the FAITH"
Journaling: Since young as a little girl, I'm always grateful for her. To me, she live a life of authentic faith. Staying with her every year for 2 months has opened my eyes to see her geniune lifestyle, her sincere love and the true expressions of her faith. She is God-sent!
Because i have seen the way she lived her faith, it caused me to be open to God. She helped me see the reality of God. Thus I embraced my faith. She lived it, showed it and truly walked the talk.
And I am also grateful for all she has deposited into me. She believed that I can be good, I can grow up to be someone significant and useful. In the chaos of my own family, she provided a stable love, generous care and faith in me. Thank you, BIG SIS for loving me & believing I can make it.

OLW - Faith Album (page 3&4)

Family, Blessings & Faith (for this I am grateful)
I want to remember her love for me.
She is my nanny. She is amazing, generous in loving.
It is thru her life that I first saw faith.
It is thru her life that I know the warmth of a home
It is thru her I know love, I tasted love, I received lots of love.
I am so thankful for her.
I want this page as a tribute to her... to thank her for her faith in me.
(the photos used here are not perfect... they are vintage.. more than 30 yrs old.... these are the only photos I have of me when I am young. Very precious)

OLW - Faith Album (page 4&5)

"Now, that was my first prayer of FAITH"
This is a journaling of my salvation... why i believed.... how I was saved.

OLW- Faith Album (page 6 & 7)

"Faith Reveal"
This is a record of a difficult journey of having Ellise (my 2nd child)
This is a record of a test of faith.
This is a record of the emotional turmoil I want thru
This is a record of the words of faith I prayed
This is a record of the celebration of this miracle
3 years of waiting (for conception).... 9 months of unknown (for her birth)
Journaling hidden behind the tab (blessings)

OLW - Faith album (page 8)

I don't always have faith. I want this page to be real... to be me. Journaling: There are times I struggle to have faith. There are times I lost faith in people. There are times I dont believe. I put a Hambly and a tag (believe in miracles) before the next page.

OLW - Faith Album (page 9)

"He has faith in me"
Journaling hidden behind photo... the 'tickets' act as tabs.
I am forever thankful he is always believing in me...
He encourages me to follow my dreams
He encourages me to soar further, dig deeper
He encourages me believe I can do it
He really believes in me.

First time

okie.. finally... i did it! I have been sitting on this 'to blog or not to blog' thingy for the longer time. Finally I decided it is time. Why? I want to share my scrappy art work!!!! I need somewhere to organize my LO gallery (is this a reason).. LOL!