Sunday, June 28, 2009

Class at my LSS

For the last 3 months I have been teaching this class at my LSS. A total of 60 people went thru this class with me. Thanks ladies!
Totally love it. Using Webster Pages, different embellishments, I taught 3 LOs with some techniques along the way.
Many of them loved it! And I am sure glad they did. I had a blast teaching. Realised I totally enjoyed it.
HEre are the LOs:
MOMENT: The class finds this the toughest yet most satisfying. Lots of cutting and layering. Hmm... so when they are most energetic, they will have to do this first.
My idea behind this LO:
I wanted a dreamy and romantic feel. So I changed the photo to a sepia tone, blurred the sides. And everything centres on this photo.
Journaling:Because you are one of those "well-trained' babies who can fall asleep on your own, I enjoy this special moment where you fall asleep on my chest. I love breathing in your 'smelly' head, touching your eyelashes, feeling your little nose & rubbing your chubby cheeks. It's our connection, our closeness, our special time. I love you!
This LO has full of technique. The texture and distress sides is really fun. We dipped the edge of the cardstock in water...... YES... WATER!!!! Then when the paper is soft, we tear it..... peeling off layers of the cardstock to reveal some fibres. Then we set it to dry. Then we ink it. Layers of ink here. Do you like it? The class totally had a blast with it. They never imagined water on their pages!!!
LIFE with you: This is the easiest of the lot. I wanted it that way or else I will end up with a grumbling class.
They like the stamping on vellum.... the use of the circle paper (great space for journaling).
What I enjoyed :
- the 'gung-ho' spirit of some ladies. I will never forget their energy and faces. They inspired me cos some of them just started scrapping and this is considered difficult for them. But they stuck thru. They made it! I applaud their courage and determination.
- I like the 'dare-to-try' attitude of some ladies. They told me they are always the clean graphic scrappers but they like to try something different. I applaud such spirit. They are not safe... they want to step out and try something totally different. This, i like!
- the cheerful ones who never complained that they have to cut another flower. They knew beautiful LOs needs time and effort. I just love their diligence.
Like what my teacher said to me........ 'there are never silly questions.........but there will always be students who never want to learn"........
I enjoy every 'silly' questions but i struggle with complaining attitude(this I can't teach much).
I like those who say "i want to try"......"how does this work". I cheered on those who dare to step forward.......
So, 3 cheers for every student who did this class. And of course, they want MORE of Webster Pages after this. Surprising some have not heard of WP........ glad they found it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

YSS layouts

Wow.... I played with these Prima papers..... so bright and vibrant. This collection "Signs of Spring" are just right for these stories I want to scrap. 6 birthday - i sprayed some Maya Road Mist. See those mistakes... hee..hee... some blops of mist just dripped onto the finished work. But I am fine with mistakes... I like it actually!!! 2 Min - I back the die cut paper onto pink cardstock. This gives it much contrast. I like the effect. And of course the story...... she is always pointing 3 fingers out to ask for 2 mins grace when I asked to stop TV or her game...... she will sheepishly ask "2 min, please"..... she is sooo adorable! Together this photo captures daddy and her riding a bike. She just loves it. Time together with dad is always nice! Some technique on the chipboard "together'.... this technique will be shown on YSS blog soon. Having a Moment I love this cute die cut paper.... there is a bird on top. I mat the bird on black cardstock to make it stand out a bit. A dash of white paint....... a Hambly pointing the direction to the bird. Now, hop over to YSS for some scrapping goodies. They are having a Prima promotion. Buy 1 set of flowers and get 1 FREE. Now that's a great SALE.