Sunday, May 13, 2012

a new book

Hello friends, i want to share with you this tutorial --- making your own fabric book.
I love the book binding technique and I love the artsy feel to this book.
This book is dedicated to all mothers out there.
Hope you  have a great day yesterday.
This book titled "Dance of Life" ... celebrates the dance, the rythm we have to move to everyday.
We wake up... say a prayer... tend to our children... work (if you are a working mom).... tend to the needs of our husband.... celebrate our life journey.
It is a great journey. Give yourself a pat on the back!
I celebrate with you.

I made this journal for a special person to document her journey.
To celebrate life... to dance to whatever life throws her way and still smile!

I have 6 signatures of papers inside... stitched them together and wrap a doily around it. Dont you love the look of that crotched doily. It is steal at $2. haha... mothers are known to sniff out great deals, dont we!

I created these book pages (6x8inches) with Prima ledger papers... i love these papers... so versatile

And for the cover, I prepared a calico cloth,  a piece of batting and a chipboard. Wrap them up.. i just love the pillow feel of the cover. YOu dont have to sew... just glue everything down with Fabric glue. Fast and easy. Dont we mothers love anything that is fast and easy???  

Okie...I hope you are inspired to create something for yourself! Celebrate the life God has given you!

Made with Love assignments

This week i get to play with this really cute chipboard frame. I decided I want to play with a new medium I bought recently. Called Golden Bead Gel... oh... soooo much fun! Join me.
 This gel dries clear but it has bling bling embedded inside. So when it dries, it glistens. Lovely!
I decided on my polka dot mask and this bead gel.... see the outcome!

After the gel dries, I give it a diluted paint wash... and a kitchen towel in another to soak up the extra paint. SO the end result is a little bit uneven but whimisical look. Hmm... I really like it!
Then I add Prima Songbird papers to the background and layered fun elements on it.
This will be a gift to my niece (she is the cutie in the picture... turning 2 soon)
 And 1 more layout for Made With Love --- we have to scrap about places in Singapore.
Yep.. this was the place I used to hang out when I was young. A very popular mall in Singapore in the 1980s... and now it is still my fave! Of course with updates stores and eating places.

Alright, that's a lot to share today. Will come back this week to share a book binding project I did from scratch,..... I love transforming 'nothing' into something! hee..hee...
have a great week

Saturday, May 12, 2012

some sunny love

Recently I am in love with the color "orange'... it seems to be beaming with sunshine and joy. I had to use this color more.
My favorite part has to be the row of flower trims. I brush gesso on it and layered more flowers! I love the dimensions.

Alright, I hope this layout has added some smile and sunshine today!