Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creative Prompts for you

Need some mid week inspiration. Hop over to Creative Prompts for you NOW!!! HERE. We have a new and really fun prompt. I totally enjoyed myself on this one!!! "Adventure" I am in love with the bright colors....... the turquoise, red and yellow. This reminds me of the sea... Phuket... There's where my little darling shook me yet made me soooo proud. She just came up to us after seeing some beach goers try Para sailing.... "Mom, I think I am ready to try this". Seriously she is the last person to do such a thing. Usually fearful and less adventurous. And no parents allowed (in the air) with her... she is the solo-ist here... with an instructor hanging over her... That day is ONE huge memorable day... she did it... no fear... all full of excitement and courage. And a beautiful smile!!! I am one proud mommy!!!! I was smiling, grinning, cheering.... oh... a tear duct prob let out some droplets.
I love the seashell we pick.... the glass bottle.. I need to fill it with sand.
Lots of mediums used....
Remember to check out HERE!
And sneaks of my new Class!!! yay! Yay... I am so excited to teach this.
You can call Made With Love at 62388770 on 1 Oct and book a slot.
See you soon!
Some happy news too..... we are heading to Penang this Dec..... Ooooo.. another beach resort!
Can't wait for this family vacation.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I have been good!

I have been away from the computer for a longer while....... and I think it is a good thing. Because sometimes I stay glued here for too long...... browsing...... aimlessly!!! LOL. Sometimes it is a good thing cos I stay connected with friends around the world........ But times when I am away, I get to be more efficient with time. I have been a good girl - "Santa", pls remember me this Christmas!!!! What did I do for the last few days? - I finished up 3 LOs for class samples. I can't wait to teach this. It is MAGICAL!!!! - I finished up DT assignments early so I am freed up next 2 weeks. - I finished up 2 LOs for nobody but MYSELF........ *wink*...... nice! This week, hop over to THE SCRAPPIEST. Sketch #83 HERE I love these photos of my girl, picking leaves. And those new Prima flowers... esp the pink one.. it has a feather on it! Pure magic! And I am loving the felt ferns too much! I wish I had bought more! Aiyo! "Sweetheart" .......... here's a random one I did.... I love those cool sunglasses. When i made an order online at Old Navy, I asked her to choose and she had these in mind! How glamourous!!! Hop over to Websters Pages Ning site.. thank you for featuring my layout. And Creative Prompts for you... my turn... my turn... to choose a prompt! I was so excited... hop over and see for yourself and play along too.! HERE. How much I love these shoes? I am vain... yes.. I know... 3 inches does kill me.. but I LOOOVE them! SO much for vanity! I will be back mid week with sneaks for my class! See ya!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DT assignments for Made With Love

Hello friends, how is your week? This week is my turn for DT to showcase the amazing wonder of Sizzix Dies. I have to admit I am one who does not want to spend on these... but now that I am given 1 machine...... I have to say I kept buying these versatile dies. A good investment!!! And now with Christmas coming soon, I just bought Glitter American Craft papers.... that plus Sizzix Dies... gorgeous outcome!!! I get to work with a Christmas theme one and a set of swirls. Love love how versatile the swirls are. I made a 2 pager......."Xmas Parade" .... something must have hit me.. I have not made a 2-pager in many years of my scrapping life. Today I decide to leap right in...... scrapping last Dec Disneyland photos. Thank goodness, this 2pager turn out 'well-balanced'.... hahaha.. I was standing up the whole time, with these pages on the floor, making sure it look balanced and not 'loopy'......LOL! With gorgeous papers from Making Memories and Prima flowers, Vines... match made in heaven! I love this Sizzix Die - STAR!!! With red glitter paper, I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE it! Another page: Where's Santa? ... wanted a Christmas page but not so much of it... so i redefine "santa' in my journaling........ Journaling: I dont believe in Santa but I've met many in my life.. they dont wear red... have long white beards but their giving touched my heart. They are the real Santas!!! i love these branches (Sizzix Die).... small enough so it does not overpower your page... Tuck some here and there... you get a whimiscal look!!! I added red crystals and painted them with GOLD Shimmerz.... I told you I can't live without Shimmerz Gold. You should get 10 bottles of these.... LOL! And this cute reindeer... I give it a RED NOSE... and painted its horn(is that what you call it) with Gold Shimmerz .... again!!! Yes.... again.. it just adds that omph.... that glitz to anything!!! And I 'made a scarf' for this cutie reindeer... see that red Maya Road Trim.
Ok, that's all the DT work now for Made with Love.
Hop over and take a look... I love love what Aida said about my style..... check it out.
She is one very kind and generous lady. Love talking to her.
I never did know how to define my scrapping style...I am usually lost cos I am such a 'go with the flow' scrapper... ie.. flow of my creative energy, flow of the products... but I guess there is 1 'default' flow I love.... distressing, inking and adding textures and dimension. A bit shabby chic... a bit 'weird'...... hahaha
Ok, I am off to make some Christmas Cards while the mojo is still there, and the Sizzie Dies are still around.
See ya soon! Thanks for dropping by my blog today! Luv u!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random facts this week

Hello friends, I am going to share some silly random facts that happen this week. Fact 1: I went to my 'car'....... pluck my key in but OPS!!! realised it is not mine.. Same model, same maker, same color....... how silly!!! Fact 2: My little 3 yr old came to the dressing room with me. Her eyes rested on my middle portion (aka the tummy) She said loudly "Mommy, you are so FAT" Ok... enough said... enough damage to my ego or lack of!!! I wish she was a little more politically correct. But I guess with my fats at her eye level, it's hard to miss!! A reminder I need to do my walking again!!! But well, thank God I have enough emotional strength to ride over this fact. Here I am, munching on chocolate!!! Guilt free! LOL Fact 3: I was cleaning off my nail polish and there I was distracted. Forgot to clean 2 toe nails. Then I had rush out ....slip on my Birkenstocks out ...... YUCKS.... On the bus......this teenager was staring at my toes the whole time. I never felt so naked!!! LOL Fact 4: I applied for a manu DT call. I was soooooooo fearful... I think I submitted my worst designs!!! Oh... what was I doing or thinking? Nerves got the better of me... seriously I hate submitting to DT calls. I love their papers... I knew I could do it... but somehow the pressure.. and I dont know what came over me. I usually do well with deadlines and pressure........ I was not myself!! Arrrggg........ Then to relax... I did this! I love this LO of hubby and my little one. I photo edit the main pic to make it dark with just the shadow, against the beautiful blue sky ...... love the bond capture in the photo. Well, if the manu is reading this...... I love layering... i love dimension... i love textures... this is my true style. LOL BOND A tip: If a pattern paper is too busy for you, hide it a bit with a cardstock over. This way, you show off the paper yet have some empty space to work around. That's where I added my layers of canvas, corrugated board, other papers...... Hope you like this! Have a great week. *** thank you ....... my new blog followers"*****

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Scrappiest #81

Time for a new sketch over at The Scrappiest. Come and join us... the DT inspirations are just amazing! HERE....... Remember you can win a $25 Gift Certificate....... wow.. that's lots of scrappy goodness! Here's my take" Training begins at home" I really like this photo of my girl, she is a pro at helping me peel carrots and potato. I allow her to handle a 'not so sharp' peeler and it goes fun. We started about when she was 2 and a half years old. Now at 3+, she is really very good with that. I even give her a butter knife to cut tofu, fishcake..... She is enjoying the 'grown up' responsibilities......... and she is enjoying her food better. A sense of achievement when she eats those food she cuts or peels. LOL! I believe in training kids from young to take simple responsibilities so that they can enjoy the process and learn to cook, take care of themselves....... So, what's your secret training 'program' for your kids? Share with me Have a great weekend ahead!

Friday, September 10, 2010

This week at Creative Prompts for you...... we have a new inspiration . Remember to hop over and participate...... !!! HERE It was a challenge for me but i love to step out of the box this week. Using lots of sassfrass....... paints and misting... (ooo... loving the subtle white misting) I love the sentiments behind this layout. I asked my little girl to share that lolli with me..... she shrug her shoulders, pout her lips .... and said this "Mom, after I am done with this????" That got me rolling on the floor.... how clever of a 2.5 year old!!! Hope you can join in this prompt....... step out of your comfort zone in scrapping and try something really different. I taught my first of "Shabby Symphony" classes on Thurs and it was a blast.... so much fun meeting many new people, new scrappers....... and my 'regular' friends....... there are 2 more dates...... check out Made With Love today. A little bird told me 2 slots left for 18 Sept...... grab that quick!!! hee...heee.....the rest of the slot are full!!! thank you so much! See you soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Scrappiest #80

Hello Monday. Here's the new sketch from The Scrappiest. Come and take part in this sketch and you can win great prizes. "A $25 Gift Cert from Memorable Seasons"........ !!!! "You melt our hearts" ........... She is growing up so cute... my adorable niece... we are so glad to have her. I am babysitting her today ......... *i hope I can survive*.... LOL If you reside in Singapore, check out my updated "Goodies for Sale" section at the top of the page. Added some items. See ya! Thanks for coming by.......

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rak Winner + a Printer Tray Project

Here's the Winner: .............. Random Integer Generator Number 9 Joanna said... So pretty!! Thanks for the chance to win! Love your work Wendy! August 31, 2010 5:58 PM"Joanna (you win the big prize posted in the post earlier on) And that's not all. My little ms princessy said we should have 2 prizes, since it is 2nd blog birthday. So she chose Number 20....... and you are isay said... congratulations and happy 2 yrs blog-a-versary!!! so generous of you to giveaway great prices...thanks for the chance to win! i wish many many more years of wonderful blogging! you will get a surprise pack of vintage trims, seam bindings, little trinkets... Yay... yay!!! Congrats! Email me at Now, here's a gift I did for my sister with her newborn baby. This was one of the featured project over at Websters Pages. Thank you WP!
When I posted this over at WP, some thought I spend a lot of time working on this!.
No Way!
Let me breakdown for you how to get this project going.
Day 1 (30mins)
- cut pattern papers to fill the 'holes'.... each about 2ish by 3ish...
- I just randomly chose any Websters Papers I like and start cutting
- next I go through my embellishment containers and started picking out 10 items I want on this tray.
- then I wrote on a paper some medium I like - crackle paints, Shimmerz paints.
- then i decide on the number of photos I want on this project. 4
Day 2: (45 mins) - assembly
- Just arrange them into the holes, matching your bellis with the papers.
- I went on and played with 2 mediums,.... painted a Maya Road pacific with crackle paint and Shimmerz it.
- Voila.... after 45 mins it is done!!!
Yes.. break down big projects into smaller task. I only have 30 or 45 mins per day to work on it so I divide the tasks into smaller bite size portions to max the time I have.
So the next time you embark on a BIG project, spread it over 2-3 days. It will be done in no time.
The same goes for my Prima purse.
Day 1 - all the painting and misting work in 30 mins.... I had 2 little girls to help me. they love this! They just dab paints as they like on the canvas. This is fun to involve them
Day 2 - mommy works alone... adhering the photos and embellishing....
So, share with me if you find this tip helpful for busy parents and working career woman like you!
Schedule art or fun in your daily living... it refreshes your soul.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prima Canvas Purse

I was pretty excited when Aida gave me this assignment. Oh.. she knows my heart. All things pretty, shabby and a PURSE!!!! LOL... So, I went with the prep of this canvas. I painted it with MM and Kaiser Pink Paints. Took out my Glimmer Mist (Turquiose), Maya Mists (Lime Metallic)... The key is to have fun, spraying!!! Just go.... dont need to aim!!! Next embellishing it was very exciting me.. I let out a few giggles with the pretty flowers, pearls, lace! Oh... I am in a flower garden now! See the tulle I added on the handles.. the pearls.. I just love the extravagant look... Cos My little princess loves this purse, as much as she loves her bags!!! Insides page: I went for small photos to tell my story. I was amazed at how many photos I can find with her holding a bag, hugging a purse.... Gosh... she is turning into a mini 'wendy"... I love bags, as you know!!! LOL See here, she can barely walk and she is holding one already. *cute* and little ms princessy uses her toys packaging as 'bags' too! *fainting*
She even used her daddy's and if it is not enough... she uses my 'real one"
And this one is my cute one, going downstairs our flat ..... for a short walk,
she needs a bag!!! *Someone pls help her*
And the 'glam-est' bag of all....... this cute polka dot bag.
Cute as a button. She can even model the bag... glam it up for the camera.
*my sweetie*
What did I use to create this bag:
Prima Stamps: These 2 sets are fast becoming my favorite!!! Small and easy to use.
Who can resist butterflies!
All supplies can be found at Made With Love.
Thanks for dropping by. I will share Part 2 of this album next week.
Remember to leave your name at the post below.
I am giving a RAK away!