Sunday, December 18, 2011

A very Peppermint Christmas

Hello there, my friends. I like to 'wave' a smile to new visitors and friends. I saw new 'traffic' on my sidebar recently. To my new blog visitors, thank you for dropping by.
You can drop me a note because I love to know you.
Now back to this Peppermint project I want to share with you. Every year, I love to do a project which I can proudly display in my home or 'give' it to a loved one.
I want to share a tutorial with you. It is really easy and inexpensive to make. Join in!
Wendy's Hanging Frame
I used a piece of 12x12 Crate Paper Peppermint "Candy Cane" paper. Lovely motif. I just love its vintage feel.
1) Soak that piece in water. Yes.. please dont scream because I know water and our scrap papers just dont mix. Hang in there!
2) If soaking the paper is too much for you, just mist lots of water onto the paper.
3) Let it soak in for 1 min. We want the core fibers of the paper to get the moisture
4) Soak up excess with a kitchen towel.
5) With the moist paper, you will find it feels a lot like cloth. Soft (but not crumbly)
6) This is the best time to manipulate the paper. Crumple it. Crush it.... just put all your stress on it! LOL
Like this ball!
7) Next spread that 'crushed ball' out again. It looks really distressed!
8) Use a acrylic block (5x7inches) and put it in the middle of the paper
Tip: If you do not have an acrylic block, use a hardcover story book/metal tin which measures the same size.
9) Fold the rest of the paper toward the acrylic block to form a 'frame' or pocket
Tip: If your paper dries out and feel hard, wet your hand with water and let it the paper take in the water. The paper should feel soft and easy to fold and bend around.

10) After you work all 4 sides, you will get something like this. 11) You get folds, you get layers and a nice 4.5x6.5 area in the middle to place your photo in. 12) Leave it to dry overnight... but I am a cheater.. i used a heatgun to quicken the proces! 12) Next, cut another piece of paper (appro 7.5x9.5)....this will go under this frame. i want some other color to peek out from the frame. You can size it to show about .75' out from the frame. It really depends what size you have moulded your frame to be. Adjust as you go. 13) Next cut a piece of corrugated board and dab with white paint ( I love to mimic some snow) and this is where the frame sits on 14) Finally decorate as you like. For this project, I cut out some motifs from another Peppermint paper and rest my title (chipboard) on it. You can take the embellishing to any level you like. That's the fun part. Scrapping is about your style. Enjoy it! Hope you like it. You can 'mass make' these for grand parents and uncles and aunts who are far away. They would love to receive a hand made gift with your family shot in it! Surely a keeper! Blessings ... I apologise for the lousy photos because lighting is really bad with the rainy weather here. Let me see if I can get a better shot tomorrow of the frame. Will try to repost some photos.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prima PPP

woohoo... i made this some weeks back for the Prima PPP challenge and I won this month! Yes.. this will be a Christmas giftbag to put some earrings for a friend. I love the idea of teal and kraft. Just perfect combo! did you see the seam binding? I love it esp for cards If you want to buy some, i have some to sell. see HERE Have a good week ahead. i will be scrapping! Find time for yourself.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chip chip chipboard!!!

Hello friends, here is a showcase of my use of chipboard from various manufacturers.
what i love about RAW chipboard.... you can mist it, paint it, glitter it and my fave is to add mica flakes or embossed with UTEE... lovely added textures to suit my projects and layouts.
Hope you enjoy the following projects i did.
The key is to get messy.... ! Be playful with mediums. These chipboard can take you anywhere.
Have a great week.

Monday, November 28, 2011

I am back!!!

Hello friends, I am back from my family vacation to Australia. Perth is such a beautiful place. I love to go back again. Right now, we are adjusting back to real life - cleaning, packing and washing. It never ends! After a vacation, it seems like more work to do so! Help!
Today I am hosting a Scrap challenge at my LSS. I called it a M&M challenge because it centred on 2 of my fave products: Mists and Metal embellishments
Check out HERE.
Here's my interpretation: "Amazing" -- a story of my 4.5 year old learning to ride a two wheeler. She is a fast learner... mastering it in 2 days! We are so proud of her!
the metal bike from Prima. i color it with TA Glimmer Mist, glam and glaze. Yes.. just load on the bling. I love how glimmery the bike looks now!
And I misted a circle paper with a TA mask and Glimmer Mist (Patina) ... gives it a nice background for the flower clusters to stand out. Okie, back to more cleaning and unpacking! See you soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Creative Sketch Contest

Check out My Creative Sketch. HERE.
Here is my interpretation of the sketch. I love loading flowers... masking and misting.
I find it hard sometimes to scrap about myself -- you know we 'can never' be satisfied with our own photo. LOL.
But here is my sentiment for now. I am at peace with myself. I dont need to achieve or strive to prove myself... I am at REST in my heart and spirit.
Hope you like this. And go out and scrap about yourself. Have a happy weekend! Enjoy! I will be heading to Perth tomorrow. woohoo!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Presents!!

This year, I am going to wrap my presents with Kraft, old music score/newspaper like this.
Then I will add some little 'frosty goodies' on them. All these frosty trinkets are altered by me.
Reminds me of snow, glitter and cool weather. I like!!!
I spray some white paint, wrap some twine and added a doily for that shabby vintage look!
If you like what I have made, you can buy from my trinket shoppe. These trinkets can be used on mini albums, tags, cards, presents wrapping or scrapbook pages! Possibilities are endless! These unique items are for sale now!
You get the following:
- 2 frosty glittered balls
- 2 frosty glittered bells
- 2 frosty angels
- 2 snowflakes
- 2 ornate plate - 2 pieces of altered doilies - stamped and glittered
One set for $5! Good value for money
Limited stock!
Email me if you like to buy this set.
Only to Local scrappers... postage is free!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Once upon a sketch

Here is my interpretation for Once Upon a sketch challenge.
I like this sketch site because it has a journaling element.
And that's the reason why I love scrapbooking.
Checck it out HERE.
she is at the height where her eyes meet my middle kingdom aka tummy. One day I took her into a fitting room to try on a dress. There she exclaimed 'wow,that's a BIG tummy"... worse on.. she ran a running commentary on my tummy - flabby, wobbly. Then I heard giggles and laughter from outside. Then I wish I could float away!!!
Funny story, right? Our kids are very good at embarrassing us! I think they top that area big time.
Alright.... have fun this week. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fairy, Pixie dust and wings

Hello friends, sorry for missing in action. Some unforsee things happen. I went to the eye specialist. Guess what.... discover I had Retina Tear in my right eye. I have never heard of this before. Scedule a surgery immediately that week because my doctor said we cannot wait. I can go blind if the tear worsen. *Grasp*...... thank God ... I am fine now.
Hmm.... that's why I can type this post. LOL
But good advice for you... have your eyes checked at least once a year
I can't wait to scrap after my op but I was told to rest it a bit first.
So yesterday was the first time I scrap since 18 Oct.
A layout of Pixie Dust, Glitter and wings.
I found a old photo of my elder girl when she was 4+ yrs old.
Now then I did a comparison with my younger one who is 4+ now.
Can you spot the difference.
One is goofy, definitely chubby..... and fun
The other is soft, sweet and delicate (oh... we think she is pretending to be demure).. LOL
I layered lots of Glimmer Mist in the background. I love adding such touches.
And I took out my Glimmer Glam in Pink and load it to my Prima Resin pieces.
Look at that mushroom and bird house. I love the effect.
So how are you doing my friends. take care and have a great week!
This layout is up on Made with Love now and you can see it at the store too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So, what's up with me? I had grand plans to scrap on my off day. But well, the nice raining weather and my soft bed calling me. I slept in! Then i sleep some more! Yay... I blamed it on my resistant flu bug.
But I was not complaining .... I felt better after the zzzz............
So, nothing at the scrapping front but lots happiness at home.
We are planning for our year end holiday.
Hooray! I can't wait! This animal will give you a hint where I am heading next!!!
Good day, mate!
Some random pictures I found at Pinterest which just calls out to me. I love teal. I love vintage.
See this typewriter....... it should be called Wendy's! Anyone knows where i can get this baby in Singapore, drop me a email pleeeeaaaasseee......!!! LOL
And this cutie...
And this quote..... oh.. I love it!
But I have to cancel out the 'middle finger portion".... eeeksss... that's not my style!
I dont do that.. I dont like that.
I only like the essence of this quote.
See you, my friends. Taking a break from creating is not a bad thing.
Give yourself time to breathe, see things from a different perspective.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Creative Sketches Contest

I have to say I not the most known surfer of blogs or sites.... I usually stick to my few favorites and some days when I visited those blogs on my list... I will chance upon something nice.
Last week was one of those weeks... i went to Tomoko blog and she mentioned about My Creative Sketches. I saw a contest and fell in love with the sketch instantly.
BTW, a huge congrats to her for making it to their DT.
You do gorgeous work, Tomoko!!!
It has since inspired a few ideas spinning in my head and I finally was very happy to see the vision come to past in this layout I have created based on the sketch by MCS.
What did I do differently?
I have always loved sketches because I can pull my own spin on it!
1) I traded the circle for another shaped which i used my MS punch to create
2) I kind of tilted the sketch abit but still stick to the 2 pieces of paper behind the photo
3) I made it shabby chic--- my most happy touches. LOL Happy to use a lot of New Primas flowers and vines
I hope this has inspired you to pull out your new stash and use them right away! Happy scrapping .....

Friday, September 30, 2011

some good news!!! Yippee

Hello friends, I have some good news to share with you. All came in this week.
I won 2 manufacturer's challenge this week:
Crate Paper Everyday Challenge .....>HERE
Bo Bunny Challenge .....>HERE
And I have a layout published here..... in my fave art magazine.
Grab your copy of Somerset Memories at Made with Love today.
Today is the last day of 45% storewide discount.
and I think I need to reveal a RAK winner...........................................
................ drumroll, please......
to............... The Scorpian Crafter me at for your prize!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crate Paper Mini

See my 'random' mini.... this mini is about the everyday words that take place at home. We have a certain routine... we kinda of say the same things everyday to ourselves or each other. It's rather funny but worth capturing. This is unique in every household and I think I should record it - my EVERYDAY words around the house mini!
To construct the pages - i gather many unlikely pieces - chipboard, corrugated board, cardstock, pattern papers, and even the CP embellishment packaging backing.... oh my fave has to be the peice of canvas I found hanging around my sewing machine.
page 1 - morning - it is rather the same 'wake up' call from hubby! He text me so I would jump from my bed - I am addictive to my iphone - he knows the trick!!! haha... then I wake up to coffee everyday. Love the smell in the home!
page 2- little ms piggy climbs out of bed - "milk please' - her immediate words - still hugging her pillow - then the slow morning crawl along - she picks up speed - goes into her play mode - this is where the same plea everyday in the home - "Can somebody play with me?" page 3- afternoon comes - my elder girl comes home from school - this is when I am at work - she usually does her homework like this - but somewhere in the late afternoon - she text me "When are you coming home?" - cute girl - she does this EVERYDAY
page 4 - evening - dad comes home - time to play - couch time - talk talk talk - play play play - we love to gather in the living room
page 5 - little one winds down with books - "can you read me a story" - her fave excuse to cuddle and snuggle up to me - we bond - we connect
Ok, that's all - I still have more pages to show - next time !

Once a upon a sketch

Do you like sketches? I love them for its endless possibilities. There is always something fun with different personalities and their interpretation. I love the variety on this sketch site.
Once upon a sketch ... check them out every 1st and 15th of the month.
Really cool inspiration. HERE
Anyway, this month sketch is really straight forward but I love to add some layers to make it MINE! LOL
let me share with you some techniques or my fave touches:
1. See this yellow frame... a TA chipboard. I rub some Distress Stain on it, rub some gesso and then add some Mica Flakes for added textures 2. I hand cut many many motifs from this set of Websters Pages. It's been a long while since I played with WP 3. On the background cardstock, I spray two different colours. Then I stamped with a script stamp. Hmm... or was it the other way ? Stamp or mist first? LOL 4. I stuck some cut outs on pop up glue dots to give it dimension. Hope you find this fun and inspirational.

Monday, September 19, 2011

some Prima love + RAK

Hi friends, what inspires you? Would love to hear your inspiration.
For me, nothing beats new products. When I saw these Prima shabby chic Resin Treasures, I knew I wanted them all. I love to dream of possibilities with them. For this layout, I used the 'windows' Resin, I dab some Distress Stains over it and then apply some glaze over. I love how 'golden' it looks.
Next up, I love a good color challenge. This month, Prima PPP colors are so 'autumn", browns, shades of neutral ........ yums!!! Just love it. Here's my interpretation. I love this photo of my lil sister. She is not lil anymore. She is a mother. I am so proud of her.
And finally as promised last month, I am givnig a RAK... yes.. these brand new Prima flowers and a BG stamp. Leave me a comment and I need recommendations from you. I like to know which site or who can design my blog header and background for me. I like to customize mine. Can you point me in the right direction by leaving me a link or contact? And you will be entitled to the draw for this RAK. Close this Friday, 23 Sept. thanks Have a wonderful week!
And if you are a local scrapper here in Singapore, refer to my SALE page. HERE

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

some Crate Paper Love

Did I post this before. I used the new Crate Paper Farmhouse to make this cute layout of my girl. She is loving writing, coloring and anything "homework".... I hope this serious learner remains like that when we start Primary school in 2 years time. haha. I love the deep reds and yellows of this collection of Crate... i like the vintage image... oh.. so cute!
I had a busy week and hope to rest and scrap more this week. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here is a little 8x8 frame I did for my sister. Her adorable girl.
I used Prima Pixie 8x8 paper pad. Really beautiful papers.
if you like these papers but dont want to buy the entire pad, I am looking for someone to share with me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Once a upon a sketch

Oooo.... you have to check out this site "Once a upon a sketch"... it combines a sketch and a journal prompt. I love such meaningful and inspiring site. it is set up by the super talented Nadia Cannizzo. this is my interpretation of it... I rotate the sketch and added mists and layered lots of my fave paper from Melissa Frances.
This song "Stubborn Love" is about God's relentless love for me. I love it. I cry when I sing it cos it has such beautiful depth to it.
Enjoy your week ahead.

Friday, August 19, 2011

CCG 205

This week is another week of gorgeous inspiration from CCG. >> HERE.
I screamed with delight when I first saw these colors. YOu have to try it
I went artsy this time. I love the whole look of this layout. It has been a long time when i was really happy with the end result of my scrapping! LOL
I love playing with medium and mask (seen on the canvas heart)
I love playing with paints (splatters of teal paints everywhere)
I love misting (pink misting 'flying' over the page"
oh.. my new stamp (that brick wall stamp, you have to grab that from Prima)
And those cute chipboard and resistant canvas(dress form)
That's what made me happy.
How about you?
Wishing you a happy weekend ahead.
Dont forget to check out my SALE area... looking for people to share stuff.
For local scrappers only. HERE