Sunday, December 18, 2011

A very Peppermint Christmas

Hello there, my friends. I like to 'wave' a smile to new visitors and friends. I saw new 'traffic' on my sidebar recently. To my new blog visitors, thank you for dropping by.
You can drop me a note because I love to know you.
Now back to this Peppermint project I want to share with you. Every year, I love to do a project which I can proudly display in my home or 'give' it to a loved one.
I want to share a tutorial with you. It is really easy and inexpensive to make. Join in!
Wendy's Hanging Frame
I used a piece of 12x12 Crate Paper Peppermint "Candy Cane" paper. Lovely motif. I just love its vintage feel.
1) Soak that piece in water. Yes.. please dont scream because I know water and our scrap papers just dont mix. Hang in there!
2) If soaking the paper is too much for you, just mist lots of water onto the paper.
3) Let it soak in for 1 min. We want the core fibers of the paper to get the moisture
4) Soak up excess with a kitchen towel.
5) With the moist paper, you will find it feels a lot like cloth. Soft (but not crumbly)
6) This is the best time to manipulate the paper. Crumple it. Crush it.... just put all your stress on it! LOL
Like this ball!
7) Next spread that 'crushed ball' out again. It looks really distressed!
8) Use a acrylic block (5x7inches) and put it in the middle of the paper
Tip: If you do not have an acrylic block, use a hardcover story book/metal tin which measures the same size.
9) Fold the rest of the paper toward the acrylic block to form a 'frame' or pocket
Tip: If your paper dries out and feel hard, wet your hand with water and let it the paper take in the water. The paper should feel soft and easy to fold and bend around.

10) After you work all 4 sides, you will get something like this. 11) You get folds, you get layers and a nice 4.5x6.5 area in the middle to place your photo in. 12) Leave it to dry overnight... but I am a cheater.. i used a heatgun to quicken the proces! 12) Next, cut another piece of paper (appro 7.5x9.5)....this will go under this frame. i want some other color to peek out from the frame. You can size it to show about .75' out from the frame. It really depends what size you have moulded your frame to be. Adjust as you go. 13) Next cut a piece of corrugated board and dab with white paint ( I love to mimic some snow) and this is where the frame sits on 14) Finally decorate as you like. For this project, I cut out some motifs from another Peppermint paper and rest my title (chipboard) on it. You can take the embellishing to any level you like. That's the fun part. Scrapping is about your style. Enjoy it! Hope you like it. You can 'mass make' these for grand parents and uncles and aunts who are far away. They would love to receive a hand made gift with your family shot in it! Surely a keeper! Blessings ... I apologise for the lousy photos because lighting is really bad with the rainy weather here. Let me see if I can get a better shot tomorrow of the frame. Will try to repost some photos.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prima PPP

woohoo... i made this some weeks back for the Prima PPP challenge and I won this month! Yes.. this will be a Christmas giftbag to put some earrings for a friend. I love the idea of teal and kraft. Just perfect combo! did you see the seam binding? I love it esp for cards If you want to buy some, i have some to sell. see HERE Have a good week ahead. i will be scrapping! Find time for yourself.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chip chip chipboard!!!

Hello friends, here is a showcase of my use of chipboard from various manufacturers.
what i love about RAW chipboard.... you can mist it, paint it, glitter it and my fave is to add mica flakes or embossed with UTEE... lovely added textures to suit my projects and layouts.
Hope you enjoy the following projects i did.
The key is to get messy.... ! Be playful with mediums. These chipboard can take you anywhere.
Have a great week.