Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow... I am soooo touched

Today(thurs) I went to LSS to meet someone from the TSL forum. She bought from UTEE from me. We talked and shopped together. Then we came to a stamp promotion. Buy 2 at 4.90.... I can only pick 1 I like ......... same thing for Friend C. She paid for them first and when I reached into my wallet to pay her....... she said 'no need'....... she just want to give it to me. Wow..... imagine my shock. I dont know her well...... at least we met only today and once in a LSS class........ she was super nice. Imagine....... receiving such acts of kindness. I am totally totally stoked! Really. Thanks Friend C. And Sasha, I realised you had tagged me. You see, it's not that I dont want to play. I am still scratching my head, who to tag. Hee..hee.. you see, I am just 2 months into this bloggy-bloggy thing and I dont know many friends yet. LOL! So, I am skipping this game for now, maybe later........... till I have more bloggy friends. Thanks Sasha for tagging me! BTW, check out her blog... she is super talented and so inspiring.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DT for Scrap Schemes

Wow... I am so touched by the generous comments on my last post. Thanks so much!
Here is another LO....... DT for Scrap Schemes. Go and check them out and participate.
Titled: Little Miss DIVA
Yes.. I got to scrap about this little diva.
Journaling: You definitely have the making of a diva. Whenever we go out, you will grab your little bag and sunglasses and your baby Ashley. But poor Ashley is always "clothes-less". I dont understand why. You just like it that way, even though we have nice dresses for her. You just love your little Ashley. And of course, I end up carrying you, your bag, your baby when you are tired. Truly a diva.

Monday, October 27, 2008

DT Creative Scrappers - Webster pages goodness

Good morning, as promised, here is the LO for Creative Scrappers reveal this week.
I used all Webster PAges goodies.... this is really yummy for this story I want to tell.
I scrap about my grandma's pillow, which is a hard ceremaic clay piece of thing.
But she will always look so rested and gracefully, her head perched on this thing.
In olden China, people sleep that way. They dont have our flurry, soft pillow like ours today.
I imagine she is like a Manchurian Princess........... LOL!
But this pillow is an antique by now. This is the ONLY pc of thing I have of her. And my memory of hers remains.
Technique: I cut out the diecut background from a Webster PAges pp. i hand stitched around the edges with brown thread. Then I cut out some lovely butterflies and vines/flowers to layer on the sides. Added pearls, a fabric brad to give it a vintage look.
Now the interesting thing is the brown doily paper. It is actually a doily paper for my cakes... I sprayed it with Glimmer Mist... colour is 'Coffeeshop' and then I added a Walnut gold. I love the effect. I learnt this from one of the classes at my LSS, from Kelly, the instructor. She is amazingly creative.
Journaling is tucked behind one of the layers of papers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I did some LOs this week. 1 for Creative Scrappers DT........ to be revealed on 27 Oct. 1 for Scrap Schemes DT........ to be revealed soon. Check out these blogs for fun challenges.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scenic Route goodies

Honestly, this is 1 paper line which I can't get enough of.
Really this is a CHA Summer winner for me! I love the reds, olives, browns... but this time for this LO, I used some older SR stuff like Laurel and Office Arrows.
As you already know, i am a fan of SR....... having many of their older collections but I am still hoarding and using.. and then 're-buying' (is that such a word) them.......
Anyway, here is my SR goodies "Will you marry me?"
I realised that I didn't scrap about how my hubby proposed to me. I better do that, in case my mind goes senile and really forgetful some day. Now at least the facts are still "re-call-able" and both of us can agree what happened on that eventful day! Actually we had a big quarrel and a 'fight"..... LOL!
Concept: I took a photo of his hand over mine... my little diamond ring there.. haha.. we joke that it looked really small now....... but that ring means a lot to me cos it took him more than a month salary when we were still poor fresh grads from university. He started his first job. And for him to take all that money and buy me that ring is really touching! (crying now!)
Journaling is tucked behind the photo.
Technique: I cut 2 hearts from SR pp and I played with UTEE (oh.. you really got to try this stuff). Somehow, the heart look so good! Like a expoxy sticker...... somehow it stands out!
I also distress the red background paper a bit.. to give it some shadows and depth....

Friday, October 17, 2008

OLW -keep

This week OLW is 'keep'...... love it!
Oh... I had to tell this story... my girl who can't keep secrets!
She keeps spilling the beans on me - my 'sins' all exposed!
Titled: Can you KEEP a secret?
Can you keep a secret? All my secrets are definitely not safe with you.
You can't keep your excitement.
You can't keep smiling.
You can't keep it inside.
You just got to spill it all.
You got to tell on my new shopping sprees.
My new shoes, my new dress, my new scrap supplies.
I suspect daddy sent you as a spy. keep you with me so you can report all my naughty secrets to him!
I did lots of cut-outs from the lovely SR papers... added stickles to the large flower. I love the effect! Tell me what you think.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yummy goodies

Woohoo.... I brought some Tim Holtz stamps......... and my friend brought them back from USA for me! So lovely............ i have been waiting for these... I want to play with them.
Disclaimer: Not all of these are mine! We did a spree.... some belong to others.
hahaha.... The Hubby reads my blog so I better state this upfront least he thinks I am soooooo overspending!
I have spree friends .............. living like next block from me.... right, A? And friend G.... and friend F.......... hee... you know who you are!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DT Scrap Schemes

Finally, I can reveal this. I have been hiding my excitement. Today is the launch of Scrap Schemes new DT team as well as their new inspiration. Totally COOOOOOOOOL! Come over and play. Look at that goodies... you can win it! Here is my inspiration: "Music to my heart" I was inspired by the black and white scheme. But to make it less boring, I played with textures like Hamblys, covered a chipboard with gaffer tape, I embossed a heart with some glitter powders. Used the Maya Road Sheers as well the sheer ribbons. This music chipboard (Maya Road) is my fav. I covered it with 7G gaffer tape... oh.. I love that polka dots. Journaling: When you first started formal lessons, we wont sure you will like it. 2 years later, you are still enjoying it. You told me you want to play for God. You want to serve in the worship team. This is truly music to my heart!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some goodies

Woo..hoo... I won the scraplift challenge over the Lotus Paperie. Wow.. I will be getting some fabric, lace and thickers... my fav scrap products at the moment are fabric. If you know of a cool site to buy fabric, let me know. (hugs)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tip of the Day

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck with a LO, because you can't find a stamp image you wanted?
Yes.. it happens to me many times.
Esp when I need a background stamp and there I wish I bought more stamps.
But fret not!
I realised there are many things at home which we can use for our background stamp.
Today i find this cute dollhouse Ellise has. It has so many textured surface. Perfect for stamping.
I use distress ink over the surface. Get a baby wipe near by. Clean immediately after stamping.
See this cute scallop surface.
See this cute 'wood grain' texture:
See the final results on paper. Lovely.. I like the one at the bottom left.
How about you? Which is your fav?
I could use this on a mini album ....... for a textured background stamp!
So, go around your kitchen, kids toys and stamp right away.
A word of caution: Do this when your kids are sleeping or else they will scream!

OLW - more

Did this up within 1 hour using the new yummy Webster Pages. Oh gorgeous papers. I used a blur photo with Ellise feet. This was taken when I was still nursing, battling sleepless nites. That's why it is blur. LOL! Title: no MORE Journaling: 6 years, 2 kids. Now we find ourselves asking each other "Do we want 1 more?" We carried so many newborns this year, our hearts tickled a little. Oh smell the hair, look at that angelic face, feel the tiny feet.... oh... our hearts melted. We want....we want 1 more. But .............. wait! Reality suddenly hits us..... a moment of fear. Remember the endless nursing..... oh.. no... not 1 more! Remember the sleepless nites....... not 1 more! Remember the smelly 1 more! Remember the deafening colic 1 more! No MORE for us. We are happy with 2. Remind me again if insanity hits us. I layered lots of cut-outs by the side. Used metal embellishments. Stamp a flourish on the background. Added blings on the stamp image as well. Can you see it? I love the look!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This week I gotta try this at Scrapjacked. Totally cool! Here is my LO: Fishy Tales

I used a netting at the photo and also a fish net behind the title. Yap.. to communicate the story. I cut 3 fishes from fabric and it was totally fun! I didn't plan anything.. and I just let it flow.. journaling is kind of long as I write but I dont care! I just want to jot down the memory.

Journaling:I must say you 'con' me into buying this fish tank. Honestly I hate the idea of keeping fish.... just dont like them. Well, after 1 sunday of helping me in the ministry, this idea struck you. I owe you 1. You asked for a fish tank. I relented. Then you became like a little boy - rushing out to grab a tank & guppies home. Lots of fun to see that childish twinkle in your eyes. The joke of the week is "Your scrapbook supplies costs so much more than my new hobby". ok..ok.. mouth shut now! Of course when the guppies started dying 1 by 1, seriously ask you to consider. Then came the prawns. These are a delight, reddish little shrimps floating in the tank. I love to see you looking at them every night. At least I know you found something to help you relax, after a hard day's work. Still not my preference for a hobby but to see you so happy with it. I am happy too. But be warned.... there will be more friendly banter and fishy tales in this household. If the prawns die, ... I must say I'm not the murderer. They die of unknown natural circumstances. LOL!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DT for scrap schemes

I got a DT spot in Scrap Schemes.
They are going for the BIG REVEAL on 15 Oct.
Come over and join us.
Here is a sneakie of what I did.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Toot.... Toot

Woohoo... what a great weekend! I received 2 emails which makes me very happy. I've got 2 LO picked for publication............ woohoo!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

OLW - Change

Over at OLW, the awesome work of the DT never fail to inspire me.
I love this word - change.
Maybe because I hate to stay the 'same old-same old' day in and day out.
I like change.
But sometimes it can be painful, annoying and upsetting.
But well, here is my LO "Change is necessary"
Journaling: "I wonder that happen when the caterpillar does not want to change. It will lose the opportunity of growing wings, miss the joy of flappings its wings and fly. This is a reminder to myself. The cost of staying status quo is far greater than the price for change. So, change is necessary. "
I develop the same photo in 2 finishes, one in full colour and the other in sepia. I cut the colour one and lay on top of the sepia to bring focus on the butterfly. Btw, this photo is taken by hubby. Lovely shot!
Using all Graphic 45 papers......... wooohoo... gorgeous papers! Love it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lotus Paperie Scraplift Challenge

I wanted to play with this challenge at Lotus Paperie cos the Guest Designer, Martha Bonneau. work is awesome.
I love her use of vibrant colours.
I love her use of fabric and lace.
I love her foundational design... simple and clean.
So, we have to scraplift one of her 3 LOs.
Here is my interpretation, my scraplift.
"Do you know ME?"
I kept to her concept of lace and fabric (did you spot that fabric flower, i made it myself).
I also keep the colours vibrant.
The twist: I ask my little girl to handwrite her the journaling. I thought it was a fun way to preserve this part of her. I ask her to write 10 statements about herself. Cool!


I won the challenge over at Design Experiment. Cool...... i got a RAK... how nice!!!!