Friday, July 24, 2009


This word is so NOW for me....... cos I went thru a very emotional weekend 2 weeks back.
The death of a little baby. Though that baby is not mine but still to see the small body, in the hearse. It is painful. MOst of all, I love this couple and walking thru with them is not easy.
To see them holding the little body, refusing to let go. Just heart wrenching!
I asked many questions, ask God why? Why such a little baby has to die? Why must the parents go thru such pain?
Part of my journaling:
Why? i learnt to be real..... by asking God why? though I dont expect any answers or even any answers from others around me which are up to my satisfactory level. Yet, in the asking of Why, it is for my healing....... for my release.
I found this fabric paper.... weird though.. the people at the craft store said it belongs to the fabric section. Then some said it is paper. Whatever!
I love its softness... its texture. I stamped on it.
For this page, it is about the rose cos this is the flower the couple chose to put in the coffin. A lovely colour which match the onesie the baby was wearing. A soft pink. I stick to this colour for my page but added Gesso, stamps and fabric. See I handsewn a piece of fabric at the top right, then I stamped on the piece. Love the effect.
I also tore some music sheets and randomly sticked them down. Some crackle paint here and there!


Peggy said...

Though the topic is so sad, I love the way your LO looks, the techniques you used are looking gorgeous!
xxx Peggy

Denise said...

yeah. It's a hard question and I don't always like not having the answer either. Thanks for sharing this!

Pearl said...

such heartfelt journaling , Wendy !

I have seen a couple gone thru similar situation - they did go on to have 2 more kids! PTL ! '

p/s : WP seems to have arrived in some US online stores already - keeping fingers crossed they land here this week or next then !

ellen s. said...

wow. that is really heartfelt and beautiful, wendy!

sharon Ong said...

Both the layout and the sentiments you shared are beautiful and precious.