Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So, what's up with me? I had grand plans to scrap on my off day. But well, the nice raining weather and my soft bed calling me. I slept in! Then i sleep some more! Yay... I blamed it on my resistant flu bug.
But I was not complaining .... I felt better after the zzzz............
So, nothing at the scrapping front but lots happiness at home.
We are planning for our year end holiday.
Hooray! I can't wait! This animal will give you a hint where I am heading next!!!
Good day, mate!
Some random pictures I found at Pinterest which just calls out to me. I love teal. I love vintage.
See this typewriter....... it should be called Wendy's! Anyone knows where i can get this baby in Singapore, drop me a email pleeeeaaaasseee......!!! LOL
And this cutie...
And this quote..... oh.. I love it!
But I have to cancel out the 'middle finger portion".... eeeksss... that's not my style!
I dont do that.. I dont like that.
I only like the essence of this quote.
See you, my friends. Taking a break from creating is not a bad thing.
Give yourself time to breathe, see things from a different perspective.


Kate aka stinkydudette said...

Oooo.... Which part are you going to, and when??

shaggyfish said...

have fun in aussie!!!
love those cuties from pinterest too!!!!
see u around Wendy!

Wendy Kwok said...

Kate... I am heading to Perth