Friday, February 10, 2012

in deep trouble!

I am in seriously trouble with the 'law' in this household. I bought this cute Tim Holtz Sizzix die and thought to myself... "hmmm... I have been wanting to buy this... I really need this.."... so I grab it!!! Guess what.... when I returned home, looking at my Sizzix collection.. horror of horror... indeed! I have the same 1! Gosh.. I must have bought it last year! Why is this happening to me? My hubby thinks my scrapping obsession has gone way overboard... not knowing my inventory. that means bad news. I have way too much stuff!!! arrgghh... My sin now out in the open... i feel so vulnerable! LOL But well, I am sure one of you was thinking of buying this. Retail price is $49.95... I am giving a 35% discount. Selling this at $32. For Singapore-based residents only cos I am mailing it out to you. email me at if you want to grab this good deal

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