Monday, July 23, 2012

CSI case 29

Case 29 is open. You have to check out the delicious colors. I hope you can join in this week.

I have not scrap my elder for some time. the reason is simple. Tweens hate to have their pictures taken. It takes heavy duty bribes and coaxing to get her to do so. This day is my lucky shot. She is in a good mood. My girl, my girl.. how much she has grown.

Oh... yesterday i pop into my LSS, Made with Love. I carted home a 7G Photo Carousel.
Great promotion now. $174.15 worth, now it is $79.95. I have been wanting to buy this and now the price is toooooooo good to pass.
Check out

Hope you like this. Happy day to you.

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Audrey Pettit said...

Adorable photos of your eldest and such a cute layout! Love all the happy yellow and love how the papers are curled back at the bottom. Great banner and love the little birdcage. :) I know what you mean about photos and son hasn't let me take photos for years...