Friday, August 22, 2008

OLW - Faith Album (page 1)

"She walked the FAITH"
Journaling: Since young as a little girl, I'm always grateful for her. To me, she live a life of authentic faith. Staying with her every year for 2 months has opened my eyes to see her geniune lifestyle, her sincere love and the true expressions of her faith. She is God-sent!
Because i have seen the way she lived her faith, it caused me to be open to God. She helped me see the reality of God. Thus I embraced my faith. She lived it, showed it and truly walked the talk.
And I am also grateful for all she has deposited into me. She believed that I can be good, I can grow up to be someone significant and useful. In the chaos of my own family, she provided a stable love, generous care and faith in me. Thank you, BIG SIS for loving me & believing I can make it.

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