Friday, August 22, 2008

OLW challenge - FAITH

I love what these girls at OLW are doing.
I love the whole 'word' thing.
It sets me thinking
It gives me inspiration
It drives me to think deeper, feel more.
For this challenge (FAITH), i thought about it for days.
I decided on a mini album which journey my faith.
Thus titled "Journey of Faith"
I want to celebrate the people who pointed me to my faith (Christianity)
I want to celebrate the people who had faith in me
I want to celebrate the times of faith testing
I also want to be real about times when I had no faith
This album is ME!!!! As real as it can be......
And the good thing is this album is never finished... I am going to keep adding cos my journey is not ended yet.... PRAISE THE LORD!
And faith is growing, moving.... so i will keep adding pages as I go along...
(This is what I like about mini albums)
Read the last few posts for details of each page.


Lynn said...

This is awesome! What a great idea!


Gigi said...

spectacular...absolutely spectacular!

what an amazing treasure you have is really amazing! i'm so thrilled right now for you that you were able to use this word to capture this important part of your life...awesome :)