Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family Time

I made a house project last month. You can see the project here. And I made this album to put inside the house. I wanted to document the things we do as a family....... and really the daily stuff are important. Cover: Capture the times we prayed as a family. Sitting in a circle and holding hands. okok.. .my hands are missing cos I was taking the picture. hee..hee... The other side for journaling. eating together. I enjoy the times where we eat and chat up over what happened thru the day. A great way of connecting. The kids love to talk.... talk about their silly stuff.... well, it is important to listen to them.
We played Legos, build Thomas the train tracks... and of course do art work together.
Here they are painting Mommy's project... hahaha... the fence for the house project. cool, right!!! These 2 girls playing on their own... okok.. this is like the perfect setting... they usually fight after 30 mins .... LOL
JOurnaling about the home improvement projects we did.
In the home now, we have this DIY magnetic wall where we put our travel magnets. Love that it is family project together.
Using a quote from 7G stickers.
I added a vellum over the photo.
Our happy family.
ok.... this one is a little sentimental.... I decided to write them a letter......... maybe it is the sudden death of someone, which frighten me.... so i decide to pen my love and thoughts to them..... in case God calls me home suddenly.
I have added more pages here and there... but for now... hope you like these pages.
Using all Websters PAges papers, embellishments.


Dee Dee said...

This is gorgeous! I love every little detail, and how sweet to write them letters. Thanks for sharing this project. I am really inspired.

BabyBokChoy said...

I have got to make something like this! incorporating all kinds of elements into a mini, wonderful job!!

sharon Ong said...

this is such a sweet project - I'm sure your family will treasure all your heartfelt words and effort!

Artes Laura said...

wow really beutiful. i love it!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

great job wendy lovely details in there !

Andrea Amu said...

Such a terrific family mini, Wendy! Gorgeous details!

Pearl said...

So many sweet details on this mini , Wendy !

what can I say ! Webster's is just great all around for every kind of project ! lol

Staci said...

Gorgeous!! Love this, wendy!


wow... love the album! and im touched that u wrote the letters...