Sunday, January 3, 2010

gifts --- i love them all

Do you like your Christmas gifts? My kids went wild opening theirs...... really! They went "Wow....... I always wanted this"......... "Wow, this is my favorite"....... I just wish I record them down. This little princess is hugging her bottle of bubbles. I have not seen a girl who love bubbles so much. And this Missy is crazy over bags..... she got like 4 of them this Christmas...... she went "Yay" Hmmmm, I wonder where this craze came from? can you spot the group of 20-30 presents around her. I am gotta scrap about my 'theory' of handling presents. A wise parent taught me that... .a LO is on the way! Of course, this mommy here went "WILD" too! That's my PRESENT, arriving next week from USA. You know that, right.... my love for Kate Spade bags. And I love that I bought it online after Christmas. The sale is worth it!!!! heee..hee... I am a happy girl. And this killer heels....... hmm... what's a stay at home mom gotta do with it? Well, I LOVE IT! My hubby got it for me...... how... i chose it at Zara... ask him to go and pick it up! hahaha.. Well, my friend ask me "but you wear flats all the time?"...... hmm.. that's why..... I need a little sexy heels.. a little fantasy... Someone better invite me to their wedding this year so i can wear this shoe. LOL! I just love the height, love how my calf looks leaner, my butt tighter.... okok... I was over the top.
And this gift touch my heart. Joleen gave it to me. She is a 'participant' in many of my classes I teach in my LSS.
And I am so surprised to receive and most importantly the warmth of her thoughtfulness just fills me.
Thanks, Joleen.
And check out the cute card she made..... total GORGEOUS-NESS! And thanks for stopping by, my friends. Have a great year in 2010!


BabyBokChoy said...

Wow, those are awesome! and it's nice to get a favorable reaction. I am the WORST gift opener ever, you don't want to know, lol


wow, cant wait to see the LO on handling presents!!! and more WOWsss on the kate spade bag!!! have a wonderful year in 2010!!

jazsutra said...

The KS bag and the heels..hmm.. to die for!!! lol enjoy them ;)

Blessed 2010 ;) Cheers -jaz

Audrey Pettit said...

Awww, you make me smile with your sweet photos. Can't wait to see some photos of you in those new shoes, toting your new bag. ;)
Happy New Year to you, my friend!

Pearl said...

wow ! lucky kids opening that many presents at one go !!! that ought to be more than one L/O already !

& way to go with the KS bag & back heels !a girl's gotta kick up some style every now & then ! lol

Iris Uy said...

hahaha, your kids are great! Oh no a bag addiction - you and your daughter!! Love all your pages and projects here Wendy!