Friday, May 28, 2010

Love love love

This week, I created this little mini for someone who is battling with depression. With a heavy heart, i wrote my verses and words of encouragement for her. Really very sad to see the devastating effects of this illness. I firmly believe it can be treated with proper medication, support from friends and family and of course total healing from God. My heart goes out to all who at 1 point suffers from this illness. And sometimes I wonder what is happening to our world today. With better affluence, better advancement, but quality of life is not necessary better. I see the crippling effects...... the heavy emotions..... and sometimes affecting even the young generation, at the height of their youth and energy. WHY? I really dont know. I guess we come back to the everlasting love of God and in Him we find peace and security. Mini "LOVE"......... using lots of Prima left over papers...... using the transparent packaging as the backing for this mini do you notice that these transparent plastic has words printed on them. Love it so much!!!
Something else i noticed, in 2 of the Prima "Flight of Fancy' papers,
the words printed there are actually Fruits of the Spirit...
love joy peace patience goodness kindness faithfulness.... etc.
Did anyone noticed that???
Thanks for hearing me in this post.
Have a happy great weekend.
Oh.. btw, thank you for the 40th blog follower... (waving to you)
I will be doing a RAK for my blog followers
........ surprise pack of trims, charms... all things vintage... from me!!!
I will announced the WINNER on Monday. See you!
Thank you once again for your love and comments on this blog!
I appreciate everyone of them.


sandra said...

Hello Wendy! (waving back at you!!very surprised and delighted to see that I am follower number 40!! lol).
LOVE your blog and LOVE your work.
Your "affirmation" album is Gorgeous!!
Your friend is very lucky to have you as a friend.
I hope she is on the road to recovery... having a friend like you on her side is a good start!
I am sure she will take great comfort and strength from your beautiful album and your words.
Very inspiring.

Lucy Edson said...

What a precious and loving gift for your friend, Wendy. I know how difficult it is to battle thoughts go out to her.

jazsutra said...

wendy i am very sorry to hear about your friend. i have friends who are going through difficult trials in their life now too, that i pray that all these will just go away one day...just go away...

the album you did for your friend is gorgeous. you are a good friend.

and i want to thank you for your bloglove.have a great weekend wendy ;)

BabyBokChoy said...

What a generous spirit you have Wendy, that album is gorgeous!!

shaggyfish said...

what a precious album... and can understand the heavy heart when making this...
im sure God knows what the best for everyone of us! You have a great weekend too, Wendy.

Audrey Pettit said...

Love your little mini album of love and encouragement, Wendy. You are so very sweet to make this for your friend, and I hope she feels better soon. Love all the Prima goodies.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Pearl said...

A lovely , affirming gift indeed for your friend. Not the easier thing to understand indeed , depression. I hope your friend does not have a lifelong battle with it.

salme said...

Love the mini-album of encouragement. Depression is tough and your friend needs all the positive encouragement she can get. And, it's very nice of you to remind her of God's love, the Ultimate Happiness. :D I am very sure her spirits will be lifted up upon receiving your precious gift!

Chok Keun said...

wow, such a lovely mini album!