Monday, August 23, 2010

The Scrappiest #78

Happy Monday, time for new inspiration. Hop over to THE SCRAPPIEST for a new sketch. HERE. Here's my take on it.......... "Courage" I made this for myself......... instead of 3 photos, i put 2 in and replace that with the title. I am going through a decision making period. It impacts me, my time It impacts my family... Arrrggg........ seriously I am so fearful... Thus the title..... I need the courage to step out... to move forward but I am soooooo scared!!! A cluster of Prima flowers... see that white flower... I dry brush with some pink paint and dab my fave GOLD SHIMMERZ.... And this cluster of Seam Binding... pulll that pebble and you get a long long journal inside. I used a Prima packaging as a journal pad. More clusters.........
My thoughts in making in layout:
- I want a brown background... and since I love pink... i made it the accent colours
- I dry brush pink paints all over... can you spot it...
- I dab some Gold Shimmerz over the painted areas to give blingz and shine
- I painted the photos edges with pink paints... to give it some definition.
- I photo shop 1 photo to make it 'ghastly... or is it ghostly".... LOL... guess that's the face of fear!!!
- I like the symbol of the bird taking flight... I am wishing for courage to be in the place of taking flight with my dreams.
Thanks for staying on in this long post.
Have a great week ahead. You know I am thankful for you, my bloggy friends who drop by and leaving some love.
And for my Singaporeans friends, i posted some New Goodies for Sale.
Check it out at the top page. Thanks!
I will be teaching a New Class this Sept. Stay Tuned!
Now I am working doubly hard to get them out by this week. I am loving the colors!!!!


Lucy Edson said...

Gorgeous layout, Wendy! Good luck with your decisions, hope all is well with you. :)

I love how you described your process - very similar to how I think. ;)

Pearl said...

lovely colors together ! love your flower & pearl clusters especially !!

BabyBokChoy said...

lovely work Wendy, love your photo too!!

sharon Ong said...

That's a beautiful layout Wendy! And hey....Remember Proverbs 3:5,6.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

so romantic!

Tomoko said...

Beautiful layout, wendy!!! I love all the details in here:D


Yvonne said...

OMG Wendy!!!

This is so pretty! Keep going!! :)


Monique said...

What a fabulous layout!! Love your scrapbooking style!! So cool to be on the same dt with you!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous page, Wendy! I love the thoughts and feelings that you've put down on this. The image of the bird taking flight and your personal favorite colors make this just perfect for your theme. Love the clusters of flowers, love the hidden journaling. And I wish you very, very much luck with your decision making ahead. ((((hugs))))

jazsutra said...

Hi Wendy, gorgeous layout and remember whatever decision you make, Jeremiah 31 says ".....whoever believes in Him, will receive good things, good things that you don't even know exist in life..".Pray about it, let go and let God...;)

shaggyfish said...

all the best in your decision making! and love the layout and the title courage Too!