Monday, January 3, 2011

First post of the year

Hello friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! Wishing you joy in all you do! Here's my DT assignment for The Scrappiest. We are reaching Sketch 100 soon. This is sketch 97.........HERE. Using a truck load of Wesbters! LOL Do you keep little pieces of scraps.... i do and I have bags of them, esp Websters! Cos I cannot bare to throw them away! Party Girl Well, here's a happy gal who loves parties. She can't stop gushing about the goodie bag, the cakes, the candies and the party hat!!! Some techniques: If you have little pieces of scraps, use them over one another (layering) and it made it seems larger than it is. If you have Christmas papers, take out your white paints.... dab some over the words or too Christmasy motifs and Voila! you got yourself a 'new' piece of paper. If you have some scraps with flowers, cut them out and layer them. In this layout, I have MANY 'holes"....meaning imperfect pieces of papers but I use cut outs to cover them and layer over!!! I post my 2010 favorite in a page. >HERE.


Pearl said...

great tip there with using up scraps ,Wendy! fab take on the sketch!

I hardly bother with scraps simply cos I have way too much uncut paper but that could change this year if I use more up & buy less. ;)

Audrey Pettit said...

This is just beautiful, and I adore that this was created with scraps. Way to go there using up every inch of goodness from your scrappy supplies. Love your hint of using white paint to cover motifs you'd like to hide. You totally rock the Webster's, my friend! Always!