Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Combo Galore #184

Hello friends, how is your week? I was rather moody last week. It has to be the PMS....... I think!!! Or .............. whatever! I needed to retreat to my ART and my blog for some therapy. I whip up this card in 15 mins. The sentiment is "Friendship"...... and I was laughing to myself that I made this for ME!!! Yes.. you must be thinking......... "what... for yourself"......???? I was reflecting a lot on friendships. The people who came into my life - or the ones I allow in. (*smile*) They are precious to me. They are close to my heart. I dont open my heart alot to everybody else, only a few people whom I termed 'friends". Being an extrovert, it is often mistaken I have many friends. I do but the 'inner' circle is hard to come in. These are the ones I really shared my heart, be real and seriously dont bother if they judge me or not. With them I rumble on and on.......... it's being WENDY! Anyway, today it will be a lot of rumblings from me. Skip this and go straight to Color Combo Galore Challenge #184.
Anyway, one of the struggles I have with friendships is I am afraid they will move away, not stay. Their jobs or ours will move the distance. I experienced a painful heartache when I made a great friend in 2003 when we were in USA. She was such a great woman. Then we had to move back to Singapore. I cried days before we depart, I cried on the plane.. I cried when I landed in Singapore. My eyes were like puffy fish!!! Now I hate to experience that pain again. It is a deep loss A painful one when proximity is challenged. Anyway, life moved on, right. But it will never be the same again! Thus I made the card - to celebrate my friendships. To thank God for them To thank them for being there To remember them. To borrow a cartoon I watch with my daughters: "I am not crying.......... I am just sweating through my eyes" There's gonna be lots of sweat here!!!!


Keri said...

Gorgeous card AND words today, Wendy...real, through-thick-and-thin friends are hard to come by, that's for sure, and I love your thoughts on treasuring them as well as missing them when things change...thanks for this post today!

Pearl said...

The details on this card are just super together , Wendy ! beautiful !

It is harder having friends the older i get for sure ! {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

Audrey Pettit said...

I can relate to what you're saying, Wendy. I can hardly count the number of dear friends that I've had move away.....and take a little piece away with them. Seems like the way life is these days.
Your card is just gorgeous. Think it's my all-time top fave of yours so far. Absolutely stunning!