Thursday, May 5, 2011

A huge congrats!

When my LSS, Made With Love, first opened shop, it was a tiny shopfront at Plaza Singapura . Today after much hardwork and joy, they have expanded to 2 LARGE shopfronts in Plaza Sing! MWL as we dearly call it has become a HUGE success due to its dedicated team and creative owners. The 3 amazing owners, Elvira, Sandra and Swee Ching has kept the personal touches with its customers and have wowed us again again with its trendy new arrrivals every thursday. This week, we shouted HUGE congrats when they expanded to Indonesia! How cool it that? I applauded them for their continuing success and passion in bringing this craft to people in Asia. Way to go , girls!!! I am behind you! And this week, I kick off a new challenge at MWL >>Here.... If you reside in Singapore, join in the fun! A random will be picked and you get to win $20 MWL store vouchers.

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