Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double happiness + life

Hello friends, I am still here. Life has been pretty hectic ever since i started full time work. It has been a journey... learning to trust God everyday.... learning to enjoy all that is around me I am still growing... still learning..... and sometimes I realised I may not have as much time as I like for scrapping. It is ok. After all, it is ONLY a hobby. I do not want it to become a dread.... it started as a intent to preserve my memories for my family....and secondly a creative outlet for me. Then as time flew by, I enjoyed perks in being DT.... the joy of winning challenges.... I am grateful for these. But in a certain part of me, I went back to my core values.... what is important to me? My family, My God, my ministry.... scrapping is not really "IT"..... not that important. Good to have but it is not necessary for me. I had to give time for what is important........ thus I chose to stay active only when time permits. I choose to play in challenges only when I feel like it... i dont want to feel I had to meet deadlines... scrap for the sake of it... of course, I dont believe in scrapping the same photos again and again. it says alot ... it means I have nothing to scrap and I am just doing it. So not good! I do not want to feel upset with losing another DT...... feel lousy with those who grab every DT at every chance (whether they even like the product or use it)... these things used to irk me ALOT as i see greed in this industry. I would even cry when I lose my chance. And I will scream 'unfair' when I see people 'cheating' and not playing by the rules. When I step in that emotional thing again, i feel I have lost the purpose of scrapping. I do not want to be in that ugly and unhappy place. I want to enjoy scrapping again!!! and i will take my time. I may not be able to scrap or post as often except for my 2 DT role which is fairly easy. Hope you understand... thank you for listening to my rumbling. I am just being real here. Meanwhile 2 magazines/books arrived at my door last week and it was double joy. In this Big Book of Scrapbook Pages... I have 4 layouts in there. Very honored to be there! My girls were like 'we are on a book"... they went oh, well, mom is at it again. and this little surprise... Australia no 1 scrapbook magazine. I have 1 layout in there. Hope you have a happy week ahead. God bless you


BabyBokChoy said...

Lovely to see you again Wendy, great post and congrats on the pub :)

Ruth said...

Awesome posr Wendy and soooo true. I burned out took six months off and discovered my family, marriage and photography, like u say u end up scrapping the same photos if u aren't enjoying life!! Good luck and congratulations xxx

Adeline said...

Hellooo...Am sharing your sentiments currently so I also took a few steps back and eased off scrapping. The kids need me now and I don't want to lose sight of my spiritual walk too as it will always be a struggle with temptations in the way. So I feel you and just do what you can! Hugs.

shaggyfish said...

how come we all feel the same about scrapping sometimes!!! hahaha
u just poured out all feelings that we are struggling and fighting.. what's scrapping all about??
take care and see you around, Wendy!
and thats a good pub on the magazines

Pearl said...

Congrats on the pub !!!

& I so hear your real-ness! ;)

Audrey Pettit said...

Ah, Wendy, I do so understand what you are feeling. I often feel the same things. We did start this for just a hobby for ourselves, after all. And sometimes it gets carried away. I am so happy for you that you are following your heart right now and doing some other things. I've needed a big break in the past, and it's wonderful to take it. Wishing you all the best, my friend. :)