Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tween

That's not the name of a new show...... TWEEN is the term given to those in 10-12 years of age. They are not yet teenagers........ but possibly behaving like one! I have one like this in my house!!!! She is quirky, joyful and full of jokes Now she ditches all girly frilly pink lacey dresses for jeans and tees. Arrrggggg!!!! I guess this day will come, she has her own voice her own fashion choices!!!
This is actually my DT assignment for Color Combo Galore #185.... but I have been sick for the last few days so I haven't got a chance to post here in my blog. Check out my tutorial in making these fabric and crepe paper flowers. >>>HERE Drop me some love if you like this tutorial.
See you soon! Have a great week. So glad you can drop by.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lovely mini love

Here's a mini I did some weeks back for my niece. My sister loooovvveeee this album. I made this with a baby girl theme in mind. (as you can see all the pink and flowers there)
Some details: - I dry brush white paint on this Maya Road Mini Album - so that my papers do not have to fit exactly - and the white shows -next I brush some pink paints on the edges - this method of doing Mini Album fits a time scrap person like me - I dont have to fuss over the paper fitting in, then sanding the ends, then wishing it was more perfect! LOL
- I like that the edges of this mini can house '3D' items like those flowers and bottles - the trims shows off the edges of this layered mini well Can you see the little trinket/charms.... cute little shoes?
Add in a Maya Road Kraft Envelope? Dry brush it to make it more vintage. Stamping helps, I think!
I am falling in love with Crafty Secrets Vintage cards and stuff.
Oh......... it took me a while to part with my fave fave Melissa Frances White Resin stuff. It is precious......... !
Alright, that's all i have to share today. Thanks for dropping by! SEe you this week, I have some wheeeezzzing good news!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Combo Galore #184

Hello friends, how is your week? I was rather moody last week. It has to be the PMS....... I think!!! Or .............. whatever! I needed to retreat to my ART and my blog for some therapy. I whip up this card in 15 mins. The sentiment is "Friendship"...... and I was laughing to myself that I made this for ME!!! Yes.. you must be thinking......... "what... for yourself"......???? I was reflecting a lot on friendships. The people who came into my life - or the ones I allow in. (*smile*) They are precious to me. They are close to my heart. I dont open my heart alot to everybody else, only a few people whom I termed 'friends". Being an extrovert, it is often mistaken I have many friends. I do but the 'inner' circle is hard to come in. These are the ones I really shared my heart, be real and seriously dont bother if they judge me or not. With them I rumble on and on.......... it's being WENDY! Anyway, today it will be a lot of rumblings from me. Skip this and go straight to Color Combo Galore Challenge #184.
Anyway, one of the struggles I have with friendships is I am afraid they will move away, not stay. Their jobs or ours will move the distance. I experienced a painful heartache when I made a great friend in 2003 when we were in USA. She was such a great woman. Then we had to move back to Singapore. I cried days before we depart, I cried on the plane.. I cried when I landed in Singapore. My eyes were like puffy fish!!! Now I hate to experience that pain again. It is a deep loss A painful one when proximity is challenged. Anyway, life moved on, right. But it will never be the same again! Thus I made the card - to celebrate my friendships. To thank God for them To thank them for being there To remember them. To borrow a cartoon I watch with my daughters: "I am not crying.......... I am just sweating through my eyes" There's gonna be lots of sweat here!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Have you felt awed by creation before? I grasped and stood still. Last year, we went to Penang for vacation and we hop into this butterfly farm You know I luurrrve butterflies on my scrapbook pages. Going into this place just send me into jittery chaos. Totally beautiful........ they have so many types of butterflies......... just fluttering around you. Gosh.... I love every min of it!!! Techniques on this page: - I started with 'nothing-ness'.... haha... is there such a word - yap, I didn't go with a sketch... i just add and layered as i deem fit - i went with my inner flow - I know I wanted butterflies and flowers..... use the Prima transparent packaging. It is fun!!! Another good news. Made with Love is extending their Prima promotion. 40% discount is still going on!!! Check out HERE.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

a super short one!

****Please pray for Japan ****
My heart goes out to evey person who lost someone
Praying for God's grace and mercy
Here are 2 layouts I've completed for my LSS. It is on its way to the store this weekend. Hee..hee... this must be the shortest post I've ever made. See you soon cos I am buried under piles of flowers, more flowers. It is raining Prima at my LSS (made with love). Do check out MWL promotion today. 40% off Prima products, including new arrivals. Wait for me!!!! I promise to be good... I will be back soon!

Friday, March 4, 2011

some serious eye candy

Eye candy and i dont mean these men!!!! Please!!! LOL I mean the eye candy in Color Combo Galore. >> here. You got to check out every DT gorgeous pages. Jaw dropping stunning beauty!
Here's my take on this week colors. I love my Bo Bunny new found love. These papers from Gabrielle collection stole my heart!!! Soft, luxurious, vintage - all rolled into 1 collection.
I went with layers. My default style. LOL
The photos are hard to find right? Yes... I wanted it like that. Like a art piece. To soak in every detail. For the pictures, I took pictures of 2 of my fave blouse - with ruffles and lace I am a girly romantic at heart yet practical on the outside. My fashion sense is comfort but I need little details to perk me up.
Can you spot Mango and Zara clothing tags here? My two 'go to' clothing lines.
I like this layout for many many reasons: - layers upon layers - details, I went crazy on this one. - textures, I even added some stitching - flowers, my new Prima flowers. Ok, that's all for now. I am working on a mini. See you on Monday. Have a great weekend Drop me a note and I may pick a winner of some little bits of trinkets and trims again.