Monday, April 30, 2012

I am still here

Hello friends, i am back after a long break. I am so happy to share these layouts with you.
I found myself breaking out of my creative box, venturing into these bright and gorgeous colors.
The color orange can be my friend now. Officially I have fallen in love with this color.

Here's from CSI Case 15. really liberating to venture out!

I love the pop of grey/light black I have added.... and the vertical design just lit me up.
and most important of all, I am back with my journal.
Sometimes I feel my creative art has given way ... i lost my way in the decoration and products. I wan to remember it was journaling that draw me to scrapbooking. I am glad i didn't lose this voice of mine.

Here's another one full of sunshine and hope.i love the pairing of orange and turquoise.
This is precisely the emotion I want to capture because during this vacation we stumble upon this amazing oasis. It was stunning! I love such thrill, such surprises. It makes turning a corner real fun.
Actually we were lost .... and then ops, we turn into this paradise. What fun! 

Alright, hope you have a great week ahead. Blessings to you!


Sharon Ngoo said...

Glad to see you're still here! :) and still creative as ever. Lovely layouts!

shamraiz said...

Sounds great to hear that you are still in service ,
Don,t be hopeless and show us your specialties like before,great artwork,lots of love from Pakistan.

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