Wednesday, April 11, 2012

messy memory

I have 2 girls and dressing them up is part of my mommy privilege. There are some good days and some messy days. Like this special occassion where I doll her up in a new dress and a nice hairdo. But within 15 seconds or maybe 15 minutes.. she looks like this. Messy... as if she steps out of the dumpster truck! Seriously.... well... i have learnt to laugh at moments like these.... or maybe flash out my camera and click!

I use some new Melissa Frances here... I just love their papers and resin. Did i tell you I have a secret obsession with these resin pieces? shhh.... i collect 1 in every design... or maybe 2.... oops! my secret is out. I know.. I found some design in 2s. hmmm....

1) I didn't start with any design in mind. I just layer and layer till i like it. Do you scrap like this sometimes? 2) I added in some seam binding. If you want to buy some, i made some to sell. Look at my sale page ... HERE 3) Oh.. those mica flakes.. my fave medium now!!!! Hope you like this layout. see you soon


sharon Ong / Ngoo said...

I love how you 'mess around' :)

Anonymous said...

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