Wednesday, September 17, 2008

creative mode

Ya.. i have not been blogging......... why? Because I found some random creativity floating in me again...... dying to create again. I want to create: - because I want to play - because I want to try new things - because I have a million and 1 ideas flowing (yes... I just got up and have a revelation of 5 mini albums which I soooooo want to do) - because I want to capture all these stories (the core reason why I scrap in the first place) Now it's finding time to create them. But before these creativity atoms float away, I jot all of them down in my scrap journal..... and sketch a few designs too. Woohoo!!!! Come back this friday and I will load up some LO and projects. Yes.. i am multi-tasking.... I do several LOs and projects at the same time.... all not completed... all needing that 'final, finishing' .... Viola... touch!!!! I am excited to share.......... cos it's been a while where I am scrapping for myself........ hee..hee.. you know what I mean. Not another challenge, not another DT work though I enjoy them... LOL!

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