Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow... I am soooo touched

Today(thurs) I went to LSS to meet someone from the TSL forum. She bought from UTEE from me. We talked and shopped together. Then we came to a stamp promotion. Buy 2 at 4.90.... I can only pick 1 I like ......... same thing for Friend C. She paid for them first and when I reached into my wallet to pay her....... she said 'no need'....... she just want to give it to me. Wow..... imagine my shock. I dont know her well...... at least we met only today and once in a LSS class........ she was super nice. Imagine....... receiving such acts of kindness. I am totally totally stoked! Really. Thanks Friend C. And Sasha, I realised you had tagged me. You see, it's not that I dont want to play. I am still scratching my head, who to tag. Hee..hee.. you see, I am just 2 months into this bloggy-bloggy thing and I dont know many friends yet. LOL! So, I am skipping this game for now, maybe later........... till I have more bloggy friends. Thanks Sasha for tagging me! BTW, check out her blog... she is super talented and so inspiring.

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