Thursday, October 9, 2008


This week I gotta try this at Scrapjacked. Totally cool! Here is my LO: Fishy Tales

I used a netting at the photo and also a fish net behind the title. Yap.. to communicate the story. I cut 3 fishes from fabric and it was totally fun! I didn't plan anything.. and I just let it flow.. journaling is kind of long as I write but I dont care! I just want to jot down the memory.

Journaling:I must say you 'con' me into buying this fish tank. Honestly I hate the idea of keeping fish.... just dont like them. Well, after 1 sunday of helping me in the ministry, this idea struck you. I owe you 1. You asked for a fish tank. I relented. Then you became like a little boy - rushing out to grab a tank & guppies home. Lots of fun to see that childish twinkle in your eyes. The joke of the week is "Your scrapbook supplies costs so much more than my new hobby". ok..ok.. mouth shut now! Of course when the guppies started dying 1 by 1, seriously ask you to consider. Then came the prawns. These are a delight, reddish little shrimps floating in the tank. I love to see you looking at them every night. At least I know you found something to help you relax, after a hard day's work. Still not my preference for a hobby but to see you so happy with it. I am happy too. But be warned.... there will be more friendly banter and fishy tales in this household. If the prawns die, ... I must say I'm not the murderer. They die of unknown natural circumstances. LOL!


..feli.. said...

wendy, prawns are super cute! :)
i used to have them in my tank before the bigger fish started eating them. but i really do love my prawns.. :) :) :)

the cost of one praws is less than the cost of paper..hahaha :p

Aimee said...

great jack, love this!!