Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another FUN project with my kids

This is another fun project with my kids. Using Maya Road Acrylic ATC Coaster Album, part of my DT kit from YSS. Erica emailed me the other day and said it is perfectly fine for my kids to play with some of these stash. So nice of her! What I use: Paints, 'stamping' stuff like toothbrush, corrugated board, bubble wrap, my kids toys (a star & a circle). We are ready to go! But wait, now the little one wants to play. Charis passed her a brush and another corrugated board and here is what she did! She was sooooo happy!
So, Charis dabbed paints onto bubble wrap and got this effect. I like it alot! Then she layer with a circle 'stamp' with green paint. Hmm... so much fun!
I added Luxe alpha rub-ons (family) to make the title. Next, Charis use the "star' stamp to do this. Gorgeous yellow star.
Next, she picked up some pink paint with the toothbrush and get randomly brush into onto the Acrylic surface. Cute!
Next, she dabbed lots of blue paint onto the corrugated board. We got to do this fast cos Corrugated board absorbed the paints very fast.
This is my fav. We painted our thumb with remaining paints, mix it up a bit and did fingerprinting. So cute!
And I like the last page.. the circle stamps... some parts were the result of an accident. Charis accidently dropped it and we got double stamp effect. Cool!
Now, we had a hard time deciding who to give. Grandma, Aunts, Uncles who are dying to get a piece of us... this will make a great Christmas pressie.......... any ART made by the kids will get Grandparents weak in their knees. LOL!
And this will make a COOL mini brag book.... which will go well into Grandma's handbag!
YSS is having their 12 days sale. Everyday is a new discount! Today is 25% off entire order. Plus some Fancy Pants are 25% off...... imagine 50% discount. Woohoo... I ordered some already. Can't resist! LOL

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