Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun projects with kids

Dec time I hear this lot from Charis : "Mom, I am bored"...... or she just simply lie on the sofa and do nothing. So, i had a brilliant idea... why not include her in doing my craft? Today I decide to let her do the Christmas ornaments..... These MAYA Road tags are part of my DT kit from YSS. Well, I hope Erica will be ok if I let my kids play with these.
We painted each tag with white paint, pour white glitter over each and we add stickles.
Easy and fun. Charis is simply thrilled! With little supervision, she just plays with stickles, paints, glitter. I love it.... I am happy, she is happy! All Maya Road tags, stickles available from YSS. They bought in many many colours. Yummy! Grab them now! We can do with more colours, right!


Lucy Edson said...

What a fun project for the kids! I had the same idea for Em - she loves to paint and use glitter glue!

That would make a great LO - the kids crafting!

btw- Congrats on winning the JB contest at CMK!

Audrey Pettit said...

They turned out great, Wendy! So pretty and sparkly! I think it's fabulous that you let your daughter have the honors.

Pearl said...

What a great idea , Wendy ! Definitely a great project to keep them occupied while you do your thing ! lol !

o & congrats on winning the JB contest !

I'm just doing the CMK DT call for fun - just to put a kit together ! lol !

Staci said...

Wendy, those are SO cute and your daughter did a fantastic job!! I try to get my kids crafting, too, while I do, but at their age, their attention span lasts all of 5 minutes, lol!

ellen said...

oh how fun! i love this project for the kids. & it is so sweet to do that with your kids, they obviously love it.

congrats on the contest win!