Thursday, January 8, 2009

I didn't disappear to some caves!

hi friends, some of you are wondering what happened? Where did I disappear to?
I wish I could tell you I was whisked off to St. Barts and sipping some cola on a beautiful beach.
I was lying on a hospital bed........... on NEW YEAR's DAY! What a bummer!
Well, I was very sick since Boxing Day.....shoo.... I miss all those post Christmas sale. 1st bummer!
Then the next 7 days were spent at home, moaning from the body aches, the shivers and the high fever. Yes.. it went up to 40 degree Celsius...... (American friends, you got to convert this to F). Went to see doc but the medicine didn't help.
Then New Year's Day, I went weak, breathless.......... off to the A&E (equ to ER) of my local hospital. Blood pressure very low..... heart beat weak... breathless.... not good signs.
Took blood tests, chest X-ray.............. they immediately put me on a drip... first to hydrate me.... then some antibotics drip to get to the viral infection. Then a put on a oxygen tank to help me breathe!
After hubby settled the adm procedure and came to the ward... he went "Wow.. this is serious".
Doc came with a chirpy voice "You've got PNEUMONIA".......... wait... I can't even spell that!
No arguements... you got to be in hospital for a week!
A week! That's hell!
So that's my story........... what a start to 2009! What a wake up call for me and my health!
I was out within 5 days, which means I am recovering..... GOOD thing!
Thank God I brought my humor along.... while fighting the viral infection... some days on the hospital bed, i dreamt of sipping a ice cold orange juice. I think I may be too dry in my throat and the fever too high......... so... my hands stretched to reach for that drink........
Then reality came in "Mdm...... hold that hand... I am going to take your blood pressure."
hahaha.... I was reaching my hand to 'take' that drink..... the nurse caught hold of my hand......... LOL! She woke me up from my dream!
Along with that.... I was still dreaming of my ice cold lemon tea.... no amount of bribes could get someone to bring me that.
My mom (in her Chinese Cantonese fashion) pronounced "No cold drinks for a month... let your lungs rest!".... oh my goodness... I am dying! She is already thinking of the traditional Chinese Medicine to feed me! Yucks!
So, for a rough start to 2009, I made this LO to remember this BIG start!
Just nice... OLW word up is "START" so I did this one.
"Not exactly a good START to 2009"
using all my fav Webster Pages papers..... i did a Purple Onion stamp at the top.... a music note... did some fake stitching with Doodlebug rub-ons. I love that curly paper which house my journaling and title. Love it so much!
Journaling: 01.01.2009, I ended up at ER@ my local hospital. I had been sick since Boxing Day, high fever, shivers, pain all over my body. The dread continued for 7 days till New Year's Day. cannot breathe.. too weak seriously... this is no joke. Doc said "Pneumonia"... hooked up to a drip, IV for antibotics..... worse... need a oxygen tank to breathe. NOT EXACTLY A GOOD START to 2009. Spend the next 5 days at the hospital. More determined ever to start
- my vitamins regularly
- my exercise routine.....ok...ok.. brisk walking counts...LOL!
- listening to my body. If I'm tired, I need to rest.
- laughing more.... I'm way too intense.
Well, a rough start does not mean I will live like that.
For the next 360 days ahead, it will be good.
A healthy start to a good, mental, emotional & physical well-being.
That's my wish fora start.
I will end 2009 better and well!


Anonymous said...

Wendy - Girl! Take care of yourself! Of course I'm one to talk. Glad you are doing better now!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

glad to see ya back =) take care !

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, Take good care ya? Though you started off '09 not in a good start but may '09 be of a better year than previous with good health, peace, joy, love and favor in all that you & family do and touch. :)


Laurence said...

Wow I've had the same last year, I was kept at home though, but it took me a while to really recover, be VERY careful if you have to go out because you can catch many other viruses after that now that your imunnity (spell?) is weak. Take care !

Pearl said...

o my ! i didn't think they would hospitalise you for pneumonia , Wendy ! So sorry to hear that !

Good to see you're feeling much better enough to even record it ! lol

Staci said...

Oh wow wendy, how scary!! I'm so glad you are ok and recovering now, i'm sure you're glad to be out of that hospital! Loooove your gorgeous LO - as sucky as it was, it'll be nice to have it documented as a reminder to appreciate your health! So glad you're ok!! :-)

Lucy Edson said...

I wondered where you had been! How terrible, Wendy! So glad you are back home and doing better.

Though it was a rough start - I am sure that 2009 will be a great year for you!! Beautiful layout to document your new year! :)

Susan Coish said...

Oh my! What a scary thing! So glad you're feeling better now!! Great LO too!!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous layout! Hope you are feeling better!

Leigh said...

That's too bad, Wendy!
I love that you've already scrapped this experience though!
Glad you're feeling better!

Kate said...

eek! hope you're much better now. the year can only get better.


Denise said...

I hope you are feeling healthier every day...wishing you a wonderful 2009!