Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DT work for YSS, plus Scrap Schemes

Ok... it's been a week since I post. Here are some stuff for YSS as well as Scrap Schemes. 1) Mini Album for YSS I wanted a mini album to remember the relationship between me and my older girl. I became a stay at home mom because of her, right? Anyway, here is to the adventures we shared over the years. She is 8 now and I really want to go back in time where she is little. I love this project. Notice I use the cupcake as a tab! Yay... I tried 2 of them and I totally love it! I kept the design really simple... using scallop edges and my circle scallop punch! Really easy to do! Hope you like it. 2) Fashion SO wrong? My little Ms ellise loves fashion but sometimes it is very wrong. Like wearing goggles for this hair-do is not my idea.......... it is HERS and she is so cool about it! I scraplift this from Juliana Michaels. She posted this at CMK gallery. She is an amazing talent. Love what she did with the eyelet and the frame. When I scraplift, I believe in giving credit to the person. 3) DT for Scrap Schemes Join in this week for some cool inspiration. Come over to this challenge blog and take a shot at it. You can win that huge pack of goodies! HERE. Yes.. I know... this must be a long post. I received a award from Sharon Ong. Here is it: Thanks Sharon for taking I am creative.... I never think of myself that way....... esp when I am still spooked by my art teacher... she failed my art when i was only 13 yrs old. Hahaha... i need some therapy for that! But I am going to play this award thingy differently...... instead of just nominating them... anyway, I dont expect them to pass it on cos this award thingy has been going around. But I like the essence and spirit of this award so I am going to tell you whose blog I stalk and why I like each of them, ok! A) Audrey Pettit She does very elegant pieces of LOs and art. She does very classy colours and make it look so effortless. I called her the Jackie O of scrapbooking. Always beautiful, classy and elegant! Check out her blog here. B) Sasha Farina I love her use of colours.... she has amazing talent in using lots of colours and not make me go blind. And her LOs are very simple yet it shows amazing design. I just love her work! Just when you think simple is easy.... it is not! She does it so well. Check out her blog here. C) Sharon Ong She is the queen of mess, experiment and fun! She teaches classes at Laines... and she is pure creativity, oozzing from her. She plays with many techniques, media.... totally fun! And she thinks and dreams of project from scratch. Now that is called creativity! I love her blog title too. Did I tell you she is very very funny! And she is very sincere and real. I like her alot. Check out her blog here. D) Emily Mae Anderson I like her style. Something funky... something fun! Something you wont expect.... and she makes it look so good! Check out her use of colours! Her works are very original. Check out her gallery at CMK here. E) Lucy E Her projects and LOs are amazing! She plays with mixed medium.... she is not afraid to get her hands messy.... really cool style she has! I am very inspired by her. Check out her blog here. F) Staci Taylor Her LOs are soooo fun to look at.... she combines colours well and her overall design is always gorgeous! You got to see it! Check out her blog here. G) Ronda Palazzari There is a certain calmness about her art. She does not over do things. And I love her amazing talent is putting things together. Her LOs are sooooo captivating......... it just makes you go "Wow"..... she is a truly creative..... Check out her blog here. H) Annabelle O'Malley She does cards so so beautiful.... I can't describe the beauty of her works enough. Just very gorgeous. Did I tell you the amazing talent she is in putting details on her cards and art. I am very inspired. And she is very sincere and nice too. Check out her blog here. okie... thanks for staying with me! Have a great day!


John said...
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Audrey Pettit said...

Hi Wendy! Your projects are beautiful, girl! I LOVE your cupcake mini album. The color scheme is so bright and happy, and I love the idea of using that cupcake as a tab. And I just laughed out loud at the fashion page with the goggles. Gorgeous page and that is just too funny. Love the painting technique on the Miracles page, too.
And I have to tell you how honored and touched I am by your kind words about me. That completely caught me off-guard and absolutely made my day. I do NOT deserve such words, but I appreciate it more than I can tell you!
Have a great day!

sharon Ong said...

Aiyoh Wendy, you so nice. Say all those nice things. Hey, must forget your art teacher's comments for good ok? Since when did the grades you get in school ever reflect who you truly are anyway? Yah? You are certainly creative in the way you see things in your own unique way - love the cupcake!

Lucy Edson said...

Such a fun mini, Wendy! Love the cupcake theme - it is one of my favorite trends right now, too!

As far as fashion goes - I love it! She is an original!!

Thank you so much for mentioning me in your list of inspiration! I am flattered to be included in that list of names. I am delighted that I can inspire anyone with what I love to do. Thank you! :D

Staci said...

Aww, you are so sweet wendy! Thank you SO much for your kind comments - you put a big smile on my face! I just love your work, too! That cupcake album is soo adorable, and I love the sentiment behind it. Great lift, too - I also love what juliana did with that framing technique! Yours is also gorgeous! Hope you're having a great weekend, wendy!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

you are so making me cry!! Thanks Wendy!

my fav this time is the brush strokes on the Miracle page! just awesome! Adore your work of heart :)