Thursday, March 19, 2009

A good day!

Well Thurs morning, we took everyone out for a visit to Marina Barrage.... this is new... much like a conservation of water and environment. I am very impressed with our govt. Such a small city but such great details to make our city a live-able place. With so much greenry planned in as well. Here are some shots of our beautiful day:
You can get a very clear view of the flyer here. Love this shot of Charis... full of energy and life!
And of course, my Graphic 45 win came in the mail today. I am SUPER impressed.
Why? Cos usually internationals wait VERY long to get their prize........... this time, I think it was only a few days. I have experienced waiting for months (which I am ok) and some didn't reach me at all..... no point pursuing! LOL!
I am also SUPER impressed with the personal touch as well.
In this package is a handwritten note by the owners. I am "old school" ........ I enjoy such simple yet touching gestures.
How cool is that?
Thanks Graphic 45. A BIG SHOUT of THANKS!
See these gorgeous papers. They are fresh from the oven. Extra special..... hee..hee.... I think this has just begin to ship......... my LSS has not gotten them yet!
Absolutely divine papers! I got many ideas swimming in my mind now! Cant wait to play with them next week.


Natalie said...

The Marina looks like a pretty place to visit. Love your pictures of the family. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Pearl said...

o my ! all those waiting for the Transatlantique line can eat our hearts out ! lol

Yeah thats fantastic that it arrived fast ! I have just written off one prize now - my first one to have not arrived.

Amy Wilges said...

LOVE your photos!!! so fun! that Graphic 45 stuff looks inspiring...can't wait to see your creations! :)