Wednesday, March 4, 2009

thanks so much

hi friends I just want to shout a HUGE thank you for your comforting and encouraging comments. Really sweet and nice of you. Yes.. I understand this whole submitting thingy.......... we dont always get thru. Well, I will still do what I love - scrapping............. thanks for hearing my ramblings.... sometimes it gets me.... someday I move on! I just want to be real. Ok... back to my scrapping........... i have been busy playing with Graphic 45............ will post in a few days time. Today hop over to Webster Pages......... hee..hee... my "Home album" is Banner of the Week. Dont you think the timing is nice..... this really perks me up! Thanks Brandin for choosing my project.


Pearl said...

yeah! just saw that ! you are on a roll ! good for you !

Didn't have time to go downtown today either to get my WP fix - hope there's some left tmrrw perhaps !

Sounds like you're submitting for the G45 DT - all the best if you do !

Staci said...

Hey you! I just read your post about submitting and girl, i'm in the same boat - I didn't get anything picked up for the mini one as well. You know what? I decided long ago not to let the subbing thing bring me down. I have a very on and off r'ship with them, so when they pick me up, great, but when they don't, i'm not going to lose sleep over it. I feel like as long as I stay true to me and do this b/c I love it, that's what I need to focus on. Easier said then done, I know!! Hugs to you, my friend! Your work is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy I just want to say I think you are extemely talented and everytime I see something of yours at inspireME I am in awe of your beautiful work!

I once submitted an album to Scrapbook Trends and it was not picked up. A few months later it was picked up by Paper Trends and even made the cover. You just never know what an editor is looking for. I can guarantee if it is not selected, it is not any reflection of your incredible work!!