Monday, July 5, 2010

Magical Wishes Class 4

Hello friends, thanks for dropping by. I am away in Australia now. Will try to reply your emails when I get back. Here's a post I have scheduled: A layout I taught last month "Magical Wishes 4". Using the gorgeous papers from Websters Pages. Believe.......... I love tearing the paper to reveal the other side. Websters has such lovely double sided paper... we can't decide which side to use. Use this technique!!! Thanks for all who attended... we had FULL Classes... all kits are used up. I loving cutting the quotes, motif from their paper. Here's some I cut out and embellish it around the photo.
We had lots of fun in my class. See you soon for the next Magical Wishes 5. Woohoo.. the series keeps growing, so is our love for Websters Pages.


Lucy Edson said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time, Wendy!! I'm so jealous!!

Gorgeous class project - yummy use of Webster's, as always! xo

BabyBokChoy said...

Of course you are having a wonderful time, you luck gal you!!! The class project is amazinG! You really do well with Webster's!

Pearl said...

love the torn back frame here !!!
No surprises that the classess are sell outs ! woot ! woot !

trust you are having fun in Oz rite now ! ;)

eMeLiNe Seet said...

i'm sure you're enjoying your vacation ! :) your pages are lovely i'm sure your next will be a hit too !

Audrey Pettit said...

What a beautiful page, Wendy! I love, love how you tear paper and roll it back to reveal little hidden pockets. Such a great way to showcase the double-sided papers. Also totally love how you embellish! I wish I could come take a class with you! That would be just SOOOOO much fun!

sandra said...

Wendy, Thank you thank you thank you for your generous gift.
I received my Happy Mail yesterday and was quite overwhelmed at your generosity!
Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed your stay in Australia..