Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crate Paper Mini

See my 'random' mini.... this mini is about the everyday words that take place at home. We have a certain routine... we kinda of say the same things everyday to ourselves or each other. It's rather funny but worth capturing. This is unique in every household and I think I should record it - my EVERYDAY words around the house mini!
To construct the pages - i gather many unlikely pieces - chipboard, corrugated board, cardstock, pattern papers, and even the CP embellishment packaging backing.... oh my fave has to be the peice of canvas I found hanging around my sewing machine.
page 1 - morning - it is rather the same 'wake up' call from hubby! He text me so I would jump from my bed - I am addictive to my iphone - he knows the trick!!! haha... then I wake up to coffee everyday. Love the smell in the home!
page 2- little ms piggy climbs out of bed - "milk please' - her immediate words - still hugging her pillow - then the slow morning crawl along - she picks up speed - goes into her play mode - this is where the same plea everyday in the home - "Can somebody play with me?" page 3- afternoon comes - my elder girl comes home from school - this is when I am at work - she usually does her homework like this - but somewhere in the late afternoon - she text me "When are you coming home?" - cute girl - she does this EVERYDAY
page 4 - evening - dad comes home - time to play - couch time - talk talk talk - play play play - we love to gather in the living room
page 5 - little one winds down with books - "can you read me a story" - her fave excuse to cuddle and snuggle up to me - we bond - we connect
Ok, that's all - I still have more pages to show - next time !


BabyBokChoy said...

you KNOW it's absolutely GORGEOUS and so well done!!! I see a CP blog feature of this project!!

Janice Boon said...

Wendy this is so heart warming. Love it in everyway!

sharon Ong said...

That's such a cool idea! :)

Grace Ma said...

oh my goodness, totally love this, it's so fun!

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, beautiful!! LOVE this, Wendy!

Li Yee said...

really like your mini, wendy! :) makes me feel like doing one for my family too, to remember the everyday moments. thanks for the inspiration.

Susan said...

I just came across your mini on Pinterest and I love it!! So many cute details in this one!!