Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my cute niece

Here's my newest crush!!! my niece! adorable, charming, cute... everything you like in a little girl.
But she is also spunky and assertive! Fun to have in our house.
Here are 2 'lucky' shots I captured of her... intense & focus!
But we had a good laugh about her hair though.
Dont you think it looks like a natural helmet? LOL
That's how the title came about... jokes among my family. :)
see the top fabric flower by Prima. it is originally white.. i 'inject' some blue and pink mist on it. I didn't spray though.. I took the spray noze out and jab at the flower. Fun! Here's a variety of fussy cutting from the G45 papers.. I love cutting! Meanwhile check out my sale page. HERE

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Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, this is SO beautiful, Wendy, and makes me laugh at the same time! I wouldn't have thought anything of the hair until I read your comment, and then I have to admit that I chuckled. She's a cutie, and so is your page. Love all the flowers and the adorable baby images. That clothesline of baby clothes is SO sweet, too!