Friday, March 30, 2012

handmade notebook

I love giving handmade gifts -- it says so much - the person is special to you - i love seeing their faces. Today I want to share a tutorial on making these notepads/notebooks. Absolutely delightful to make. My daughter is already making request for these on her birthdays! Ok, that dpends on how many friends she is inviting over!!!
First I start with some paper, i have chosen this stack of Prima Ledger papers in my stash. I love its heavy weightage and prints. So vintage and lovely. I also set aside a chipboard... a fairly light weight one, that is easily to fold.
I chose 6 sheets(these measure 12x12) and from each sheet I cut 3 pieces of 9x3 inches papers. See this picture below. I have decided to have a 9x3 inch notepad! nice and tall. Next, I stack all the cut up papers together and clip it tightly with a clip. Then i apply glue to the top part. I repeated this maybe 3 times. Just to get the glue to the paper. So it will look like a notepad where you tear from the top.
While waiting for the glue to dry, let's work on the cover.
I cut this to a size of 9.5x3.5 (when folded)
I want it a little larger than the notepad.
Spine will be 0.75inches
Then I painted it with a coat of blue paint.
Painted the inside but only 1 inch from the edge.
Dont forget the spine too.
Then I take a piece of lace (actually it is left over curtain material from the dollar bin in my craft store) Size is about 1/2 an inch larger than the chipboard.
Fold the lace over the chipboard and paste down. Fabric glue works better here.
Then i cut 2 pieces of ribbon (8inch long) and glue down like this.
Paste down the notepad on the right.
Then i take another piece of 9x3 inches paper and paste down on the left.
Added a rub on and a canvas resist butterfly (Prima)
Oh, I tie a pom pom trim over the spine. Just to give it more textures.
Or you can tie a pencil there too.
Finally embellish the cover as you like.
I cover this with lots of Prima flowers and Resin.
Perfect gift!
Hope you like it. Have a great weekend!


Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, what a gorgeous notepad, Wendy! I absolutely love the tall, thin shape and the lace you used on the cover. Just so beautiful and girly and FUN!

sharon Ong / Ngoo said...

This is a super cool idea!! Thank you thank you for sharing!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a pretty notebook! Love it very much! I wish I am one of your girl's invited friends, lol!
- raindrop