Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here's a happy album I did for myself..............yes... sometimes important to scrap about ourselves so our kids can know more about us.A sense of happiness filled my heart when I finished working on this album. Title: Bare it all.................hee..hee... from that tabloid looking photo... you would guess I am going to bare it all. hahaha... no way! Check out more in this post! I sleep with a slight frown. hee..hee... only my hubby will take such pictures of me. Hmm... but I am sure I am dreaming of happy things - scrapbook materials, Kate Spade how can I frown??? LOL
Scaly legs... yes.. I have extremely dry skin. And it shows on my legs. See I added crackle paint. hahaha.. yes.. sometimes my legs look like that.
My last finger is crooked. Yes.. my grandmom and my mom all have it. It is from the family line. So interesting, right?
I have a huge scar... dont know what you called it. Those allergic reaction I had when I had a injection. And now on my arm, this long 'snake'.
Well, by now, you would have thought I am living in misery or bitterness. NO!
In fact, I no longer struggle with self-consciousness....... I embrace these imperfections totally. That's what made me unique. Some are topics of humor and laughter in my family too.
I still wear skirts (to show off my legs though I have to load on heaps of lotion).... still wear sleeveless tops. Some details about creating this album:
I used lots of texture with papers.
Each page is 5x4 inches... created out of G45 papers... the papers are heavy weight enough. I dont need chipboard.
Then I layed on lots of other G45 papers.
Here this starfish is touched up with Rock Candy... oh... you got to try this Tim holtz latest stuff. Totally amazing! See the texture!
Same for this butterfly.
And I cut out lots of motif from G45 papers.. but I like to add my own details.
See I stamped a 'necklace' on this lady. Cool, right?
Here I stamp a lamp using Stazon black onto transparency. Loving this set of new stamps.
Well, do you want to know what hubby call this album : THE BODY PARTS ALBUM! LOL
He said he will use this to identify my body should we need to use it someday! (Roll my eyes)....
totally funny!


Maria said...

stunning!!! I need to see what "Rock Candy" is.

Dee Dee said...

Love this album, and how you're loving yourself. :) I need to check out rock candy too!

wendela said...

gorgeous Wendy!!

Pearl said...

great to see the Tim Holtz Rock Candy crackled paint in use here , Wendy ! works really great on the G45 pps I see !

did you get the Rock Candy stickles too ? ;)

Great mini album idea ! Love it that you're living above your imperfections & embracing it all !

Andrea Amu said...

Too funny what your hubby said about the Body Parts album!! What a hoot! I love this... so many awesome details, Wendy!

Rebecca said...

Awesome book Wendy!Such a great idea and so beautifully done. Super inspiring!

Anabelle said...

This is sooo cute! I just love how you put it all out there. And too funny about your DH!

Mary said...

Beautiful album. Love your confidence. It reminds me of this:
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30

sharon Ong said...

Wow, I love the whole look of this album Wendy - plus the theme and what you journaled about is very cool!

Chok Keun said...

nice album, loving all the details of the album, beautifully made!