Saturday, October 31, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things!!!!

My girls were watching "Sound of Music" and this song is my fav..... "these are a few of my favorite things"... oh.. maybe the title is something else but there is this cute song which i love!!
And of course, some things made me really happy this week.
Like this cute SEWING MACHINE!!!! Yes.. I have been wanting this for the longest time... and I finally convinced hubby to buy me 1. Spotlight (my local craft store) has this huge sale... $199... original $298.......... now my collection of fabric can see some daylight.
Can you see I have been buying fabric? The lady at the store is soooo helpful... I told her "I am a complete idiot when it comes to sewing"....... she laughed... yes.. this tool is for me and my scrapbooking.
She went on and on... she conducted beginner lessons for those who buy this brand of machine. She can't believe me when I said I never sew. She taught me all the buttonhole technique... whatever it is... I told I just want to sew a straight line....... hahahaha.. she was trying hard not to laugh!!!! I sounded like a nerd, right?
And this cutie of a tool bag.......... my sister went to China last week..... I told her to go to the garmet district (in Shenzhen) and get them to tailor-made this bag for me. Guess how much it is??? I told my sis.... has to be pink polka dots and a dash of vintage fabric........ she knew my heart. She got it spot on!!!! Love love my new tool bag.... my adhesive, my scissors... my pens... etc.. It is only Singapore dollars $6!!!!!!
I need to go China now! I could give them all the specifications of all the bags I want.
And finally I got a piece of good news which left me screaming this morning........ will share more in mid Nov....... when the big reveal comes! I am soooooo overjoyed..... thrilled and I consider it a honor!
So, what are your favorite things now? Have a great weekend


Pearl said...

woo to the hoo with the new toy , Wendy ! can't wait to see what you'd do with it !

& oh my ! we NEED to go to Shenzhen alrite !!! too cheap ! too cheap ! hmmm....

lots of good news going on here !

Leigh said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you, Wendy! Enjoy your new machine!!

Lucy Edson said...

Yay!! I know you will enjoy your machine and stiching a straight seam is a good thing! ;)

My best advise is to just stick your layout under the foot and stitch! hehehe...and watch out for your fingers.

Andrea Amu said...

That tool bag is so adorable! Good buy for sure... and custom made at that!

Have fun with your sewing machine. I wish I knew how to sew, cause I'd really love one. I had one of those mini craft sewing machines and I couldn't even work that thing, so I sold it at my yard sale this summer. I'm pitiful with sewing. Guess I'll continue my faux-stitching and hand-stitching techniques, lol!

Anxious to hear what other big news you having brewing! Can't wait for your reveal, Wendy! :) said...

I got a sewing machine for my birthday. Still haven't removed it from the box yet but I need too. Once I get some lessons!