Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bug bug go away!

I haven't been feeling well for the last 4 days and it is killing me. As you know, my kids battle the flu bug for 2 weeks or so and now they passed it to me. I hate it when it goes around like that. I need to sleep but couldn't sleep well because of the blocked nose. And this is getting scary for me cos it reminded me of my pnemonia saga that happened this year...... hospital stay.... breathing equipment........ I really need to stay healthy! Anyone, here's 1 LO I did......... I just had to scrap..... I know... you must be thinking "I am crazy"... but sometimes, it beats lying down and getting depressed! LOL. LO: Growing

Journaling: My dear, you are growing up so fast. Sometimes, i wish time will slow down. I still remember holding your little hands, walking together. Now you can take walks on your own... I am learning to let go... learning to cheer you by the sides.... my heart strings still tucking.... wishing to pull you back... I know God will take care of you!

I am a little reflective today so i journal my thoughts for my girl. Growing up so fast I can hardly remember little details of her life.

All materials provided for by YSS.

And some good news, next year... 2 of my LOs will come out in print..yes.. some of my fav magazines...... woohooo.... I have been waiting for such good news. And a BIG THANK YOU for all who signed up for my 3 classes. They are all full..... some on waiting list. Be patient, i will be back with more classes in Nov/Dec. Look out for some awesome projects with Webster Pages.... yes... I will keep teaching with Webster's cos I LUVVVVV them.


BabyBokChoy said...

fabulous layout, I love how you can do these complex papers by Webster!

Pearl said...

I'm glad you were able to do some creative therapy with this layout , Wendy, sure beats being depressed with the 'flu!

beautiful composition ! love all the little details !

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Beautiful layout, you and Webster's Pages are a perfect match. Thank yuu so much for the cute wreat, I just collected it today and it's really lovely and thoughtful gift !!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

ah... the buggie is making its rounds ! Take care . Love the webster's here !

Blue Banana said...

Oh no! Hugs and kisses to you. Hope you get well soon! And that layout is absolutely gorgeous!!!