Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creative Prompts for you

Need some mid week inspiration. Hop over to Creative Prompts for you NOW!!! HERE. We have a new and really fun prompt. I totally enjoyed myself on this one!!! "Adventure" I am in love with the bright colors....... the turquoise, red and yellow. This reminds me of the sea... Phuket... There's where my little darling shook me yet made me soooo proud. She just came up to us after seeing some beach goers try Para sailing.... "Mom, I think I am ready to try this". Seriously she is the last person to do such a thing. Usually fearful and less adventurous. And no parents allowed (in the air) with her... she is the solo-ist here... with an instructor hanging over her... That day is ONE huge memorable day... she did it... no fear... all full of excitement and courage. And a beautiful smile!!! I am one proud mommy!!!! I was smiling, grinning, cheering.... oh... a tear duct prob let out some droplets.
I love the seashell we pick.... the glass bottle.. I need to fill it with sand.
Lots of mediums used....
Remember to check out HERE!
And sneaks of my new Class!!! yay! Yay... I am so excited to teach this.
You can call Made With Love at 62388770 on 1 Oct and book a slot.
See you soon!
Some happy news too..... we are heading to Penang this Dec..... Ooooo.. another beach resort!
Can't wait for this family vacation.


BabyBokChoy said...

Penang, what a dream!! You guys are so lucky to live so close to so many exotic places!!! Beautiful layout Wendy, love all the very well clustered flowers. I seriuosly need a class on how to cluster flowers!!!

Natalie said...

I need a class on how to cluster flowers too!!! Beautiful layout :)

Was a fun challenge this week!! I really enjoyed myself too!

Tomoko said...

OMG!!!! This is beautiful, Wendy!!! I love how you made the background!! And so much details!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

shaggyfish said...

wow, another beach resort holiday! enjoy!! thats a beautiful layout :) Glad for your DD for being so brave and adventurous!!! COOL!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, your daughter is so brave! What an amazing experience for her, and amazing for you to watch, too. I absolutely love the page you created to commemorate the day. Way to rock the Webster's, as always, my friend.
I so wish I could come and take your class. It looks beautiful, and I would so love to absorb your creative process.
I'm so glad you have a wonderful vacation to look forward to. :)

Pearl said...

love the pics ! so well captured of the moment !
what a fun time for your girl !!great layout with all the different mediums.