Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random facts this week

Hello friends, I am going to share some silly random facts that happen this week. Fact 1: I went to my 'car'....... pluck my key in but OPS!!! realised it is not mine.. Same model, same maker, same color....... how silly!!! Fact 2: My little 3 yr old came to the dressing room with me. Her eyes rested on my middle portion (aka the tummy) She said loudly "Mommy, you are so FAT" Ok... enough said... enough damage to my ego or lack of!!! I wish she was a little more politically correct. But I guess with my fats at her eye level, it's hard to miss!! A reminder I need to do my walking again!!! But well, thank God I have enough emotional strength to ride over this fact. Here I am, munching on chocolate!!! Guilt free! LOL Fact 3: I was cleaning off my nail polish and there I was distracted. Forgot to clean 2 toe nails. Then I had rush out ....slip on my Birkenstocks out ...... YUCKS.... On the bus......this teenager was staring at my toes the whole time. I never felt so naked!!! LOL Fact 4: I applied for a manu DT call. I was soooooooo fearful... I think I submitted my worst designs!!! Oh... what was I doing or thinking? Nerves got the better of me... seriously I hate submitting to DT calls. I love their papers... I knew I could do it... but somehow the pressure.. and I dont know what came over me. I usually do well with deadlines and pressure........ I was not myself!! Arrrggg........ Then to relax... I did this! I love this LO of hubby and my little one. I photo edit the main pic to make it dark with just the shadow, against the beautiful blue sky ...... love the bond capture in the photo. Well, if the manu is reading this...... I love layering... i love dimension... i love textures... this is my true style. LOL BOND A tip: If a pattern paper is too busy for you, hide it a bit with a cardstock over. This way, you show off the paper yet have some empty space to work around. That's where I added my layers of canvas, corrugated board, other papers...... Hope you like this! Have a great week. *** thank you ....... my new blog followers"*****


Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, Wendy! You are so sweet, my friend! I love these random, candid moments you've shared from your week. I can really relate. My son tends to poke at my belly and tell me it's flabby, and he also like to comment on how old I am. ;) And you never may have started a new trend with that teenager and the nail polish.
Love your fabulous page, Wendy! I know what an amazing scrapper you are. Always. I love your layering on here and the die cut shape, and adore the photo arrangement. Beautiful!

Pearl said...

ooo ! sorry to hear you didnt like your recent submission ! probably too hard on yourself ! ;)

fun random facts for a change ! ;)

shaggyfish said...

hahaha, gosh... the random facts so real.. and so can feel in on live telecast, things we did and we just amused when we thought about it! Dont worry abt submitting the not right designs... and there's always something different/something unique/ creative and different story in every LO! Good Luck, Wendy

ellen s. said...

oh wendy that is amazing...i love what you can do to a layout...gorgeous gorgeous.

and i so laugh at you and your toenails!that is sooo something i would do!

Monique said...

ROFL!! had to laugh so hard when I read about your dd and your "fat" tummy.... my kids are exactly the same!! Kids!!
And good luck with the call! I'm sure you're too hard on yourself! and they'll definitely have a look at your blog and see all the gorgeous layouts you didn't send them and decide you're perfect for them!!

Anonymous said...

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