Friday, September 3, 2010

Rak Winner + a Printer Tray Project

Here's the Winner: .............. Random Integer Generator Number 9 Joanna said... So pretty!! Thanks for the chance to win! Love your work Wendy! August 31, 2010 5:58 PM"Joanna (you win the big prize posted in the post earlier on) And that's not all. My little ms princessy said we should have 2 prizes, since it is 2nd blog birthday. So she chose Number 20....... and you are isay said... congratulations and happy 2 yrs blog-a-versary!!! so generous of you to giveaway great prices...thanks for the chance to win! i wish many many more years of wonderful blogging! you will get a surprise pack of vintage trims, seam bindings, little trinkets... Yay... yay!!! Congrats! Email me at Now, here's a gift I did for my sister with her newborn baby. This was one of the featured project over at Websters Pages. Thank you WP!
When I posted this over at WP, some thought I spend a lot of time working on this!.
No Way!
Let me breakdown for you how to get this project going.
Day 1 (30mins)
- cut pattern papers to fill the 'holes'.... each about 2ish by 3ish...
- I just randomly chose any Websters Papers I like and start cutting
- next I go through my embellishment containers and started picking out 10 items I want on this tray.
- then I wrote on a paper some medium I like - crackle paints, Shimmerz paints.
- then i decide on the number of photos I want on this project. 4
Day 2: (45 mins) - assembly
- Just arrange them into the holes, matching your bellis with the papers.
- I went on and played with 2 mediums,.... painted a Maya Road pacific with crackle paint and Shimmerz it.
- Voila.... after 45 mins it is done!!!
Yes.. break down big projects into smaller task. I only have 30 or 45 mins per day to work on it so I divide the tasks into smaller bite size portions to max the time I have.
So the next time you embark on a BIG project, spread it over 2-3 days. It will be done in no time.
The same goes for my Prima purse.
Day 1 - all the painting and misting work in 30 mins.... I had 2 little girls to help me. they love this! They just dab paints as they like on the canvas. This is fun to involve them
Day 2 - mommy works alone... adhering the photos and embellishing....
So, share with me if you find this tip helpful for busy parents and working career woman like you!
Schedule art or fun in your daily living... it refreshes your soul.


BabyBokChoy said...

Wendy, this is utterly stunning!! WOWOWOW

sharon Ong said...

Cool printer's tray Wendy!

Pearl said...

what a precious gift for your sis & fam ! & congrats on the featured photo at WP !!

Lynn said...

This is gorgeous!
And it does look time consuming to me!!

Tomoko said...

Awww, this is so adorable Wendy:) Thanks for sharing!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Love, love, love your printer's tray, Wendy! How cool that you let your DDs get involved in the day 1 painting and misting. I bought one of these trays forever ago and it still just sits in my closet. Perhaps you have finally motivated me to work on mine. :)
And congrats again on your 2 years of blogging.