Monday, November 10, 2008

Creative Scrappers Sketch #25

Come over to Creative Scrappers and join in this sketch. Amazing work by the team! Here is my DT work: "Quirks" I decided to use lots of polka dots papers (one of my quirks).... lots of colours..... and my 'funny face' (without Photoshop)....... hahaha... I want it natural........ all the lines and blemishes! Journaling: 1. I drive without shoes. 2. I need a towel/blanket over my chest when I sleep. 3. I love polka dots too much. 4. I can't stand having eraser residue on the table. I have to clean it up. 5. If I dont like someone, i roll my eyes to the side, my lips tighten, and mouth grin to the side. 6. I love to smell my kids bums. 7. I like to read before I sleep. 8. Lace is needed in my life. 9. When I have something up my sleeves, I clap in delight. 10. I hate bananas. 11. I eat a 1 inch square of dark chocolate everyday. 12. I drive without music, I hate noises.


Staci said...

Oh wendy, I loved reading about your quirks - you are so cute! And I am so with you on the daily chocolate indulgence ;-) Gorgeous layout!

Audrey Pettit said...

I love hearing about your quirks, too! Couple of them made me laugh out loud. So fun! Love the page you made for this challenge. I have a hard time working with yellow, but when I see others use it, I always wonder why because it looks so good. You make it seem effortless here.