Monday, November 24, 2008

Technique- Tape transfer

Remember some LOs I posted yesterday.
Here is one technique which I want to share:
Tape Transfer
1) First cut out a pattern, flower from your Pattern Paper.
Here I cut out this lovely print from Jenni Bowlin paper.
Then I put clear tape over..... covering the entire motif.
2) Then I soak it into a bowl of water. Leave it there for 5 mins.
3) By now the fibers of the paper will soften.... use your thumb to rub it off.
You will see that the motif is transferred to the tape.
4) Dry it and use clear glue to stick it your LO.
This gives the motif a clear gloss on time....... a fun way of using the patterns on your PP.
Here is the LO:
And another tip off: YSS is having a October Afternoon Contest. Load your LOs and projects using the latest OA range like Hometown, Weathervane...... you can win MORE OA goodies.


Leigh said...

That's a cool technique, Wendy. I might have to try that!
Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

wow! never would have thought of that!

what kind of tape did u use, the regular bookstore-type?

Wendy Kwok said...

Hi there.... yes.. any regular tape will do. Just keep it away from your photos like I do... may i know your name?

Audrey Pettit said...

Cute, cute page, Wendy! And what a fun technique. I've given that a try before and you can do some neat things with that.

Mandy said...

THis is awesome!!Im going to have to try this. THanks Wendy!

Anonymous said...

me ish kate aka stinkydudette...

thanks for tip!