Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mini Album - GROW

I spend last week and part of this week to finish up this mini album. Since the beginning of Oct, I had 5-6 ideas for mini album. This is 1 of them. Hooray......... done! Concept: I realised over the years, Charis has many different types of 'ambitions'........ her first was to be a mommy.... then a plumber (I also choked on this one)......... thus I decided to document her changing ambitions starting from 2.5yrs till now 7 years. It is interesting to note what influenced her choice then. It has definitely evolved... PHEW!........ the plumber phrase is over!!!! I like that this mini album involved her too......... she picked out the photos, she had her handwriting on each page, she helped me lay out the alphas on each page, she used my Sizzix to cut out the alphas....... and these colours best represents her vibrant personality. So 'her'! Cover: "When I grow up.........." I want to be a Mommy. I want to be a plumber: I want to be a artist: I want to be a zookeeper: I can't keep being emotional when I see these pics. My girl has grown up...... she is no longer that chubby face toddler......... *sob... sob*


Pearl said...

o so cute !this album ! oh my ! you'll be heartbroken by the time she's 12 at this rate , Wendy ! lol

are you getting the latest WP that are on the shelves of MWL today ? lol

Annette said...

What a beautiful album!

Audrey Pettit said...

This is so cute, Wendy, and such a great idea. I bet she gets a real kick out of looking back at this as you continue to add to it. I know what you mean about getting emotional, though. They grow up so fast.

Lucy Edson said...

How adorable and what a wonderful idea!! Love the tree on the cover!

btw- congrats on the Webster's win!!