Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Listen to your heart

I am in a state of hopeless devotion to my Webster Pages...... some of you will notice I have been using WP in my recent LOs.......... really I looooooooove it so much!
This page is inspired by Anabelle, see her blog here.
I love to cut up the papers... layering over... with lace, flowers... and Hamblys... seriously in love with them all. I trace a scallop pp to a WP paper.......... use a white pen to draw a frame...... simple!
Here is I created for DT for Scrap Schemes "(i am also submitting this for OLW)
Listen to your heart
Journaling: Mar 2008, communication with you was tough. Nothing got thru. You were acting up, frustrated. Crying alot.... anxious..... yet doesn't want to talk much. We seemed to lose our connection. One day i was talking to your dad about this problem. He said "LISTEN to her"... I was defensive.... "what do you mean, I wasn't listening?" Everyday I am listening.
You dad said these words of wisdom which jostled me "Listen to her.... I mean her 'nonsense".... her silly jokes.. her goofy antics with her classmates... that's a part of her right now. Then slowly she will tell you the more serious, the issues weighing her heart. You got to be patient, to get past the trivial first.
Then i realised I have been falling short in this area.... i have been listening to what I want to hear.... to what I like to know.... I am too impatient. I brushed off a part of you.... the part where you tend to notice funny, silly things. I am not listening.... I am so sorry... I will try again.
I will learn to listen, to pay attention, to be there, to listen to ALL of you, to listen to your world, your perspective. Months have passed since... things have improved. I am grateful fo rthis learning experience- the art of listening. I've not mastered it full but I am still trying. To listen with my ALL, to ALL you are!


Denise said...

This is such a beautiful page!

Lynn said...

This is gorgeous!

Gigi said...

i absolutely love your page...

& your husband is quite the smart guy - i need that advice too :)

.charity.sorrells said...

Gorgeous layout!